Thursday, May 17, 2012

Saying No.

Heading off to a four hour accounting seminar on ethics. The over to Mom's to take her to dinner. Start the day off with a public service announcement:

The next story is about a hero. A marine, Used to putting his life on the line and did it one last time:

Saying no. Hard to do right? Here are some tips:

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Pat said...

A 4 hour accounting seminar? I hope you drank lots of coffee this morning. Take some with you!

The 10 documents seem like good advice, except allow me a caveat after dealing with my mother's affairs. While it may be a good idea to have a general Power of Attorney for something--I never found out what--and it's definitely a good idea to have one for healthcare, the general one won't help you out much, if at all, in financial matters. Banks do not accept them as proof of anything, in my experience. The reason, I was told, is that they are very easy to forge.

Mary said...

Four hours in ethics, no less. Which Bill undoubtedly already knows inside and out, and could probably teach the class himself. Lots of coffee!

I am always amazed, Pat, when I call the IRS with a power of attorney, that they accept it so easily. I have never forged one, and I wouldn't, but it would be super easy to do. There's no way for them to verify that the person actually signed it.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Your $200 fee to the seminar includes coffee, fruit, bagels, water, and soft drinks. I stayed awake by doing puzzles.

And I completely agree with you about general power of attorneys. I now advise my clients to do specific power of attorneys and add a letter of instruction to their trust or will.


William J. said...

Hi Mary

The 2848 is just a CYA for the IRS.

As to the ethics class we in Oregon have to take a four hour ethic class every twenty-four months that is part of the required eighty hours for that period.

I had already met that requirement but ended up this class this morning because another class I signed up for cancelled. I was the only one that signed up for "How To Be An Honest CPA"