Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Road Trip

With summer fast approaching are you thinking of a road trip? DR just got back from one. Here are some ideas:


What kind of car are you thinking about taking on your road trip. Did you know where cars are concerned the public is falling love with the past:


Finally on a road trip you might want to avoid the following states:


Comment Away.


Pat said...

Road trips are fun! I've done both east and west coast ones. And a few in the Southwest. Would love to do more.

It would be a shame if the manual tranny died out altogether, but with traffic increasing all the time, it is hard to choose one for lots of stop & start driving. Whatever your transmission, it's good to know where it's most dangerous to drive.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I've done a West Coast one but never an East Coast one. I did do a trip from here to Wyoming. I enjoyed the drive.

I'm not sure I could still drive a stick shift but it might be fun to drive.

I wasn't surprised to see Montana and Wyoming on the dangerous driving list since I've heard they don't have speed limits.


Lady DR said...

I enjoyed the road trip, except for the incessant construction on the way west. I vote for the Blue Ridge Parkway and.. what the heck was the other one?

No desire to go back to a manual transmission. They were fun when I was younger, but the automatic is just easier.

Hmmm... drove across Kentucky, Oklahoma and Arkansas and live in South Carolina. TN had flashing signs every so many miles, stating fatalities to date this year and asking that you not add to the numbers. Most of the freeway speed limits were 70 or 75 all the way, except for the 25 mph construction zones (really screwed up estimated drive times and arrival estimates - wry s.

I'd do a road trip again, but I'd do it a bit differently.

William J. said...


Glad to have your back. Construction does put a crimp in estmates of arrival times for road trips!

The automatic is so much easier and with new technology they almost have cars that drive themselves. Just seems like a step backward to do manual transmissions. However, it might be fun to see if I could still drive one.

I like the TN flashing lights, maybe everyone should follow suit, it is a heck of a reminder to be careful.

It is always to do something the second time, even road trips because you have discovered the ins and outs.