Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Sunday

No update from me today. Just not that much going on in my life. Next week gets a little busy. Today is lunch out with Mom. Tomorrow is a Memorial Day picnic at Sister's the spending the night at Mom's. Tuesday is at Mom's. Wednesday Morning through lunch is at Mom's. Friday is a seminar. Thursday is catch up on errands day. In between there is a work assignment for me to finish.

Want to welcome DR back from her trip to Arizona. We missed her!

Now on to today's articles.

First up is a place where a young man lived for a while:

Now a way to save cold cash:

Speaking of money have you ever wondered who the richest woman in the world is?

If you want to update me on your life I would love it! If you just want to comment on the above articles, go for it. The blog is now yours, post anything you damn well please.


Pat said...

Just from the headline, I can see how living at AOL could work quite nicely. I never saw AOL's HQ, but I did see a couple of the other Silicon Valley places in their heyday. They may be the same now, for all I know. There was so much free food around that you could live there quite well, and if you were so inspired, you could bring in sofas or sleeping mats or pretty much whatever would make you happy. I'm not sure about shower facilities, but they probably had those, too. Ah, yes, in their gym, so the article says. Some life, huh?

My freezer is way too full almost all the time. It has far outlasted any predictions, and I only hope it keeps chugging along.

The richest women in the world, and I hadn't heard of any of them. I guess that shows you the circles I travel in. Hint: not billionaires of either gender.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

The AOL headquarters is sure nicer than my house so I wish I had the stones that young kid did and try living there for a while.

My freezer is almost alway empty. The curse of the bachelor.

I hadn't heard of the richest women in the world either.
We travel in the same circles.