Monday, May 21, 2012

News To Me.

Starting the week off with the news of the day. Or at least of yesterday. First up, did you see the eclipse last night? Well you can see it here, right now:

What should you know about the news today?

We know cops are looking for people texting while driving do you know what else they are looking for now?

Comment Away.


Pat said...

I used the pinhole technique to see the eclipse. I got fairly good focus, but it's a very unsatisfying way to see it. I looked for a live feed, but was unsuccessful. I'm sure there'll be tons of good photos today, and yikes! I see HuffPost has 203! I quite liked #91.

I haven't been paying enough attention, since I only knew about 5 of the 10 things this time.

That's one expensive chicken dinner! And one I sure wouldn't attempt while driving, though I have been known to sneak a bite or two of takeout fried chicken in the car. I don't talk on the phone, text, drive with animals in my lap, or play guitar while driving. But then I don't do most of those things while NOT driving, either.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I didn't get to see the eclipse because the weather just wasn't good enough. 91 was my favorite picture also.

If you knew 5 of what to know about today you knew more than I did.

I do eat chips or fries or hamburgers when driving but now I am going to be more careful.