Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Health Day

With a couple of nicks a long the way things are going pretty well at Mom's. I just have to come with the terms that after 96 people just won't make decisions. On the agenda for me is a mind reading course. Since her health is always a question let's do health today.

So much information and misinformation out there about health you always have to make a decision what to believe:

Some of us are considering traveling this summer and some us are in the boomer crowd, here is a few tips:

Then there is that dreadful hard to spell C word that nobody really knows what it means. Until now:

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Pat said...

Ah, yes, the mind reading days. I remember them well. I so often guessed wrong. But then maybe anything would have been wrong. You do your best and you'll never be sure of the answer.

Good for this guy for bringing forth some medical myths. I love when somebody does that, because people are so brainwashed.

Travel medical specialist??? There's a specialist for everything, it seems. I'd probably skip this one and rely on printed info about what to prepare for in a particular destination. The other tips are very good ones, though. IMO.

I only skimmed the cholesterol article, though the visible signs they mention were new to me. I think everybody who gets seen for anything will get a cholesterol test as a matter of routine. What to do about the result seems to be only slightly controversial, and I've totally lost track of who thinks what.

Lady DR said...

It doesn't require the age of 96 for people to refuse to make decisions. Mom started in about twenty years ahead of that and just gets "better" at not making decisions as time goes on. And, yes, mind reading would be a great talent to have, to avoid the comment, "I wish we could have done while we were out or while you were here or while I was visiting." Well, uh, if you don't mention want to do it...

Then again, my youngest and middle sister seem to have difficulty making decisions, although Rho is getting much better, since she's on her own now. Deb... not so much. Then again, I've been known to dither and waffle many times, so what can I say?

The health myths didn't really surprise me a lot and I was glad to see someone targeting them. The bottom line is count calorie, watch portions, eat healthy, exercise regularly. I couldn't find a thing to quibble with.

The vacation article was interesting. Most of it doesn't apply to us, thank goodness, other than being sure we have our few meds in sufficient supply and I have my TENs unit with me. Never heard of a travel medical specialist. However, I thank you for the article - it reminded me to go get my epi-pens and replace the old one in my purse and include the second one in my medical gear in the suitcase.

The cholesterol article was really simple and straight forward and well done. I keep the two straight by thinking of LDL as "lousy" and HDL as "happy." My LDL is sometimes near borderline, but Dr. B says the HDL and overall numbers are extremely good, so she just keeps checking every six months, given Mom's heart history and the fact I'm still trying to quit smoking. Fortunately, where I have my tests done, I always pick up a copy of the results and they show what my readings are and what the acceptable ranges are, so I can immediately see if Dr. B is going to have some issues.

Great articles, as always, Bill.

Mary said...

Reading minds would be a useful skill. My mom hasn't wanted to make a decision for ten years, at least, and she's a good bit younger than your mother. That wouldn't be so bad if we didn't both know that she KNOWS what she wants, and if I guess wrong, it will be bad. Sigh.

Do you suppose we'll be like that when we grow up?

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Between the mind reading and the constant interruptions and never being able to finish a sentence I am glad this is the last day there or tomorrow would be the first day at the funny farm. The thing about mind reading is always guessing wrong then paying for it. What do you want for lunch? I don't know. After lunch. "The turkery sandwich would have been better."

I am glad to see someone debunking the medical myths.

I was kind of surprised about the medical specialist also. Seems like overkill to me.

The visible signs were new to me also. I just know my bad is good and my good is bad.


William J. said...


It looks like not making a decision has reached epidemic status. I thank health organizations should offer a class to elders on how not to drive your kids nuts.

I like you advise of counting calorie, watching portions, eating healthy, exercising regularly.

You were the one I had in mind when I posted the vacation article and I am relieved that it doesn't apply to you! I am glad that it served as a reminder!

I like the lousy and happy way to remember what LDL and HDL is. If you have a good ratio, according to my doctor, it is hard to get the good up. I am thrilled that you are trying to quit smoking.

Thanks for the nice comment about the articles.


William J. said...

Hi Mary

I really don't plan on growing up so I think it is a moot point.

That is the thing that bothers me the most, they know what they want but for some reason they think it will upset us if they tell us. Weird thinking.

And if we end up like that let's make a pact to poison each other.