Tuesday, May 22, 2012

You Gotta Have Heart

Today brings a meeting with the CPA firm that bought my business for some mentoring. Then it is grocery shopping and pharmacy pickup. Followed by paying bills and then working on the lawsuit against Mom that was mentioned a couple of months ago. I will share what is going on with the lawsuit later this week. Right now I have to get everything in order and then schedule an appointment with my attorney friend, Ted.

You gotta have heart, right? Or at least a good heart:


What do you know about today? I like reading these because it not only tells me how uninformed I am it helps me to be better informed:


Speaking of ten things I didn't know how about ten things I did know? Or least half of the ten:


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Failure is success if we learn from it. Malcom Forbes


Pat said...

That lawsuit is STILL going on? What a drag! Good luck on putting it to bed once and for all.

So amazing what they can do with hearts these days. Good luck to the little bambino in follow-up surgeries.

Once again, I was only really aware of 5 out of 10 things on the list. But sometimes I'm a day behind, so maybe I'll catch up earlier next time.

And how about that John Quincy Adams! Skinny dipping in the Potomac might be just a tad too public, I'd think. But who knows, he may have had an area cordoned off. A pet alligator still would make him, as they say, a "weird dude". There are so many things I don't know about American presidents of the past that I should haunt this site. {g}

William J. said...

Hi Pat

The lawsuit will probably go on for the rest of the year. Right now it is in abatement due to the health of one of the parties, full blown neck cancer. He is the one on our side and has to give permission for his attorney to represent us. He can't talk or move right now so can't give his permission. Because we may have action against him for attorney fees his attorney has a conflict of interest and we have to get our own until he can give his permission to his attorney.

They keep making improvments with the heart now if they could just fine a cure for all cancers.

I was aware of about four of the ten things we needed to know today but I am kind of a president scholar and new quite a few of them.

As a decendant of Adams he makes me proud!