Thursday, May 3, 2012

What Can The Heart Take?

Late today because my echocardiogram was today. The young lady that did the test said that if the doctor saw anything unusual he would contact me but she didn't anticipate that happening. I kind of liked her, when I asked her during the test how I was doing, she said "I haven't called the doctor in so that is a good sign."

It is good to know my heart will take it if I win the lottery. Or find a winning lottery ticket. Maybe.

If you had to vote on who gets the ticket, who would you vote for?

My heart can take a winning lottery ticket but my not be good enough to take it, if I saw a snake so I hope this young man is close by:

While my sister is gone Mom & I are taking care of Max, he valued cat. My heart almost didn't make it through a night with him. I had fallen asleep in the recliner, a deep sleep, until Max jumped in my lap. Scared the hell out of me. I am now thinking about talking sis into putting max into a new program they have in Washington state:

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Lady DR said...

Sounds like the echo went well. Yea!

As to the lottery ticket. The first woman threw it away. When you throw something away, or give it away, it's no longer yours. It would be one thing if she lost it, but she didn't. And how the heck did they track down the original buyer? Lottery tickets here don't have names attached. While I can imagine the original buyer feels badly, I don't think she has a right to the winnings. Maybe, if she'd been nice about it, the second woman might have offered to share. Maybe.

Snakes terrify me. I"m not good at recognizing which are poisonous (other than a rattler's rattle) and disturbing the copperhead a couple years ago, while raking, did about give me a heart attack. Kudos to the little boy for protecting his younger brother and dog and I hope his recovery is swift and complete.

Interesting story about the inmates and cats. Be even more interesting to see what the study reveals after twelve months or so. I'm all for saving the cats and if it's positive therapy and learning for the inmates, all the better. Somehow, however, I don't see Sis buying off on it (g).

Pat said...

I've always heard that when something is discarded, it no longer belongs to the discarder. Finders keepers, in other words. They should split it.

Can't see the rattlesnake story. Need another Flash upgrade. Why can't they just relax? I'm kind of surprised that it was Hidden Hills, though. Maybe there are wilder areas of HH than the parts I've seen.

Very funny about the "Cuddly Catz" program. {g} In fact, I think it's a very good idea. For the cats and for the inmates, too.

William J. said...


The way the can find out the winner is the computer can tell them what time and what store the winning lottery was sold at. Most stores now have video cameras and they can replay those and stop them at that time to see who is at the register.

I kind of think the founder of the ticket is the owner but I am disappointed that they made no effort to find the ones that threw the ticket away. I like the splitting idea.

I would have been dead in a minute if I saw a copperhead. I also hope the litte boy recovers.

I like the idea of matching prisoners and cats. It teaches the prisoners compassion.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

I like your idea of splitting the lottery ticket.

I also was surprised that the snake was in Hidden Hills, it just kinds of doesn't make sense at first. Then I remembered when in high school there were snakes in the hills behind the house we lived in so maybe they go to the hills.

I kind of like the cats teaching the prisoners and visa versa.