Friday, September 9, 2011

Drugs, Scams, & Bears

My brother-in-law goes to the doctor today at 11:15 so we hope to have some information by then. I am praying for positive results. It does mean I do lunch and dinner today at Mom's.

His problems lead me to do some research. I found the following article both informative and frightening:

We have talked about the scamming the elderly before but guess who is doing a lot of the scamming now?

I hope you can bear with me and read the following article about a crazy driver.

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Pat said...

The drug side effect article is indeed frightening. But in fact all information on drug side effects is frightening. As patients, we try to be informed, but are really in the dark about most of this stuff. What to believe, what not to, what should frighten us and what is ignorable. Who knows? I sure don't.

I had heard about the seniors scamming seniors. Disgusting, really. But interesting that they aren't so much targeting lonely oldsters, but the "younger edge" of the group. I guess it makes sense, as such people are probably very nervous right now about how long their retirement savings will hold out.

"Bear" with you, huh? Bill, Bill, gotta watch those bad puns! {g} Funny story, though probably not so amusing to the Prius owners.

Ellen said...

I'm holding good thoughts for your brother-in-law.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I wonder if the doctors aren't to quick to medicate without giving any consideration the side effects of what they are prescribing. I think sometimes maybe we would live a happier life not taking drugs, shorter but happier.

I am glad they aren't targeting the lonely oldsters but I am disappointed they are targeting anyone.

You know me, I can't resist a good or bad pun! Prius cars deserve what they get. If the car were mine after being scared I would laugh.


Lady DR said...

Positive thoughts and prayers continue for you b-i-l. Hope you now have some information.

Being too well aware of the drugs foisted on seniors and the side effects, I didn't find the article too surprising. What was fascinating was the additional article on the pharmacist, who fights against over-medication and contra-indicatons of drugs. Good for him!

The article on seniors scamming seniors was sad. What a pass we've come to, as people begin to panic about the economy, the present and what the future may hold.

William J. said...

Hi Ellen

Thanks for the thoughts, it is appreciated by both of us.

They didn't find anything so more tests Monday.


William J. said...


Thanks for the positive thoughts and prayers, the only information we really have is elimination of what it isn't.

I wasn't totally surprised by the article but I was surprised by the magnitude of it. I went back and read the article on the pharmacist. It was fascinating.

The economy when it is made there are more gang wars in the younger age groups and more scamming the elderly in the older group. The politicians need to quit fighting and get off of their asses and do something.


Lady DR said...

I think the issue of prescriptions and side effects is exacerbated by the fact that many seniors are seeing multiple doctors and those doctors aren't sharing records or information, something we found to be a real issue with Mom. Fortunately, we have a marvelous pharmacist, who immediately spots prescriptions to which we are allergic or which are contra-indicated by other prescriptions currently being taken. Why are these issues not being recognized by the docs?

Like you, I think a lot of people, not just our seniors, are being over-medicated.

Mary said...

I had lunch today with a friend from high school who actually had to go to a medical detox to get off all the pain pills her doctor prescribed for her! She does have pain issues, but says her new doctor thinks it was way too much. So sad.

Fingers crossed that they can find out what's wrong with your bil quickly.

William J. said...


I completely agree with you about multiple doctors and talking to each other, I wish pharmacists were all on top of it but some of them are to busy or to scared to go against doctors.

I am sliding over to the dark side and looking into natural ways to treat certain things.


William J. said...

Hi Mary

When I had the accident I became addicted to morphine. The thing is the doctors never noticed and kept prescribing them. I decided myself to go off of them. I weened myself. I increased the time between when I was supposed to take them. Every five hours instead of every four, then eight and so on. It took four days. Mom changed my bed an average of fifteen times a day due to sweat. I couldn't change it myself because I was bedridden. I am glad your friend got off of them.

Thanks for the good words re my brother-in-law. He has been so good to mom and dad.