Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Viewing

The author of yesterday's quote was Gloria Jean Watkins also known as bell hooks. That is not a typo bell hooks wanted her name to be all lower case letters.

Saturday is a relaxing day and if you go out at all it is either to a movie or to real estate open houses. There may be a good open house in your area. Check out the following article to get an advance showing:

Stay away from house number four. This is my house soon as I win the lottery. I'm pretty sure I can get them down to six and half million.

If open houses aren't your style you may want to go to a car show. I just happen to have one right here on the blog:

About half way down through the article, right above the subsection is a link titled "View Gallery - Hoops Crazy Cars ", click on that link to view his unusual cars. I kind of like the Hoops Music Mobile.

We have now viewed open houses and weird cars, let's move on to some unusual sight seeing. You could probably get a taxi to view this magnificent scenery. But save the two million dollar cab fare and just view the pictures right here on the blog.

Comment Away.


Pat said...

I like the house in Vegas, but that one in Detroit is sure a bargain. I could maybe get a couple of those. So you like house #4? It's nice, but don't you think it's just a little pretentious?

The car show? Not so much, though I have to give him credit for imagination, and maybe hard work.

Great moon shot! Amazing what they can get these days.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I kind of agree with you about the cars, I like the fact that is creative but I really don't like the final product.

Of course the #4 house is pretentious but I'm old and I wanted to be prestentious at least once in my life. It is on my bucket list. Vegas would be a nice place to live but the problem with buying two houses in Detroit is you might have to live there!

That was a stunning shot of the moon, it is amazing the pictures they now can get.


Lady DR said...

The only house that appealed was in Vegas and that's iffy. The others had one or two problems or both. Location (climate - Detroit, Philly, Boston - COLD) and the fact they were on itty-bitty lots. Give me an acre or forget it.

The car show -- you know I've never been able to generate much interest for those.

Great moon shots!

William J. said...


That is why I said the heck with pretentious and went for the home in LA. Good weather and more than an acre and only a cool seven million.

I don't really like car shows either but I found his art work interesting.

The moon shot was fantastic.