Friday, September 23, 2011

Relax Today.

I got home from Mom's late last night. I did come home for a couple of hours during the day but then went back to fix dinner and do the evening things. Today I am glad and really have nothing planned for the first day in a long time. I'm just going to relax today and not do any serious thinking. So here are some articles today that will make you smile, maybe cause a tear or two, and then make you laugh.

First up is a touching article that will make you smile through a tear or two. Tucker's Toybox.

Five bucks and a toy for a good hot dog meal and making a young child happy. Sounds like the deal of the week to me.

Do you like dumb criminal stories? I do her are more than a couple of them:!.html

My favorits was the one that had the robbery not on the wrong bank's deposit slip.

Embarrassing moments, we all have them. Some times the moments take years before we can laugh at them,sometimes we can laugh at them right away. I'm not going to share any of my embarrassing moments but if anyone wants to share theirs feel free:

I'll go with the Christmas card story as my favorite.

Comment Away.


Yesterday's quote was authored by Edith Hamilton. "One may not reach the dawn save by the path of the night." was authored by an Australian feminist later living in London, published The Female Eunuch in 1970, with its feisty tone (and her own attractive self and unapologetically straight sexuality) assuring her place in the public eye as an "in your face" feminist. In her later books, including Sex and Destiny: the Politics of Human Fertility and The Change: Women, Ageing, and Menopause, drew fire from feminists and others. Less well known is her career as a literature scholar and professor, where her unique perspective comes through, as in her 2000 essay, "Female Impersonator," about male poets speaking as female voices, or her book, Slip-shod Sibyls: Recognition, Rejection, and the Woman Poet, where she suggests that a reason many pre-modern women poets are absent from standard curricula is that they were not that skilled, focused on the "morbid exercise" of wallowing in emotion. Who authored today's quote?


Pat said...

So many deserving charities out there! And so many wonderful people organizing them and pursuing fundraising. I salute them all and wish I could help them all. Maybe I should start buying Lottery tickets again.

Ah, who doesn't love stupid criminal stories? Especially the Winner! And I must salute the teller in your favorite story. What quick thinking!

I think I posted an embarrassing story here (one I don't mind making public) a while back. Can't think of any others fit to print right at the moment. I somehow missed the Christmas card story. I should try to remember this site, though, for our book group Christmas tea, when we are required to bring a joke to share. I never remember any, so have to go online to find one.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I got my lottery tickets for tonight and a lot of charites will benefit when I win. For know the one that I mentioned in today's post will get the five dollars and they don't even have to give me a hot dog meal!

I know you love dumb criminal stories and so do I so I am hoping we are in the majority.

The Christmas card story was the first story. The woman didn't know she was in the picture.


Lady DR said...

Glad you're home and will have some "Bill time" and are just relaxing.

What a great benefit the mom and sister are providing. As Pat said, there are so many deserving charities out there, it's very difficult to choose. I tend to stay pretty much local.

Great criminal stories. I liked the teller one. Actually, I liked all of the last four.

I've had my share of embarrassing moments, but am pleased to say I've apparently erased most of the tapes, since I can recall one at the moment. (G)

William J. said...


This is the first day in ages I haven't had anything planned. I'm trying to adjust to the boredom.

I prefer local charities also.

I pretty much liked all the dumb criminal stories, some I liked more than others.

OK, now we are on a mission to find those tapes you burned!