Thursday, September 8, 2011

Swift Birds & Drunk Mooses.

I am home now and there won't be another night at Mom's for a week now. However, the days may be busy because my brother-in-law is laid up with some crippling muscle pain. Sis has her hands full with him so I am taking over lunch duties (my idea not sister's, because I can't lose her to stress or tiredness). At first they thought the pain was caused by statins but he has been off of them for three days and it hasn't gotten better. Today he is having an MRI. Prayers and good vibes please.

The following article is pretty swift:

Part of the reason I started the blog was as a support group for caregiver's. A place those taking care of elders can come here and relax. The next article from the AARP Bulletin isn't relaxing at all but it sure does hit the nail on the head in numerous ways:

I imagine sometimes caregivers would just like to sit back, get drunk, and forget life but if they do they may be out of their tree:

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Paula Gunn Allen authored yesterday's quote. "A bird does not sing because he has an answer. He sings because he has a song." Was authored by an author and artist born in 1926 known for round faced, feature less characters with inspirational messages. She has published more than 95 books. Did you know that LOVE IS THE BEST TEACHER? Do you have a CHRISTMAS ALPHABET? If you do you can answer the question, who authored today's quote?


Lady DR said...

Glad you'll still get your nights at home, even though you'll have lunch duty. So sorry to hear your b-i-l i having health problems. I do know statins can cause severe muscle pain, but don't know how long it takes to get them out of one's system. Holding good thoughts for the MRI results and sending prayers.

The "swift watch" sounds intriguing.

You're right, the caregiver article isn't relaxing or reassuring. You're right, many of us here, whether posting at the moment or not, have been caught in the caregiver/work/not-
enough-hours situation. Some of us are more fortunate than others, in having our own businesses. Still, we need to put in the required hours to meet client deadlines and maintain the business, while maintaining families, as well. Even without a job, the caregiving responsibilities are demanding and, often, mentally, emotionally and physically draining. Assistance with elder care in this country is pretty much non-existent, if you don't have nearby family or siblings.

Poor moose. Yes, I can imagine some of us do reach a point of thinking being stuck, drunk, in a tree is better than some days (wry s)

Pat said...

I had muscle pains that I think were caused by statins. I didn't quit taking them but did cut them back to 3 or 4 a week instead of 7. I think it took longer than a few days for the pains to go away, but can't remember for sure. Anyway, good vibes to your BIL, and I hope his go away soonest.

Good animal articles there, Bill. I wish I could see the swifts in action. The caregiver article is worrying. I can see how it may become more and more of a problem as time goes by. I wish I had a good answer, but the only ones seem to be 1) pick your boss carefully, or 2) pick your parents carefully. I'm very glad my own caregiving didn't pick up any speed until I had retired.

Very funny about the drunken moose! It isn't just us humans who sometimes overdo the alcohol.

William J. said...


The doctor says three to five days but I kind of think he is wrong because everyone's system is different. He had a lot of tests yesterday, MRI, Ultra Sound, etc and meets with the doctor today so hopefully we will know something.

I had never heard of the swift watch, I might make note of it and maybe go next year.

The caregive work/not I go through every tax season. Last season it was so refreshing not to having to worry about Mom thanks to Susan and Sis. I kind of hope they will do the same this year if not I will be caught in the web. If I won the lottery one of the things I would do is start an organization to pay for caregiving for the elderly that can't afford it.

Several days being stuck in a tree might be better.


William J. said...

Hi Pat.

Thanks for the good vibes. The doctor said they would be out of your syste within three to five days but I actually think you are more accurate than he is and it takes longer than that.

I want to see the swifts in action too! I didn't even know what a swift was until I read the article.

That really is the only good solutions, have a good boss and have the right parents. Or win the lottery.

I just couldn't resist the drunken moose story. Just like I couldn't resist the bear story I am posting today.