Monday, September 19, 2011

Weird Monday

It is kind of a weird Monday so we are doing the weird today. Weird and in some cases fun.

Nothing like a weird holiday. Comes to us from Seattle, Washington:

Do you like animal stories? I do.

Did you ever see the movie WEEKEND AT BERNIES? If you did you might enjoy the following weirdness. Then again you might not.

That was kind of a deadly article. The main live characters have been arrested and are in jail.

Comment Away.

"The only theology worth doing is that which inspires and transforms lives, that which empowers us to participate in creating, liberating, and blessing the world. This is a basic tenet of feminist liberation theology and it is also Anglicanism at its best." Was authored by a feminist, teacher and priest born in 1945. Her first name is the last name of a Peanut President and her last name is the name of a city in California. In 1974, she was one of 11 women whose ordinations eventually paved the way for the recognition of women as priests in the Episcopal Church in 1976. Have you thought about TOUCHING OUR STRENGTH: THE EROTIC POWER OF GOD? If you think about it you can answer the question, who authored today's quote?


Pat said...

I love "Stay Away From Seattle Day". They have every right to be tourist-free at least one day a year.

Very cute animal pix. I particularly like the yoga dog.

Very weird about the guys hauling a corpse around. Seems like there should be a penalty for that. Maybe there is and they just don't mention it. I think the article said they were free on bail.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I like the Seattle holiday too. I have to being from the state that once had a sign on the Oregon-California border coming into Oregon "Enjoy your vist but don't move here."

I loved the animal pictures.

The two guys were arrested for abuse of a corpse and for obtaining money by false prentenses since a lot of the money they spent was the dead guys.


Lady DR said...

You do find some weird stuff (g).

I can empathize with the Seattle folks. There were times in Juneau when most of the "regular residents" didn't care if they ever saw another cruise ship or tourist again!

Loved the animal pictures. I thought the cat at the table was a little over the top, but whatever works. Cute shots and animals are quite clever, particularly when encouraged.

Riding around with a dead friend in the car, while out on the town seems a bit macabre to me, but then what do I know? I suppose the ME will determine time and cause of death, which will figure into whether the two guys contributed to the death, by not doing anything about getting help. Using his credit card or ATM or whatever has to be good for some jail time, one would think. I saw absolutely nothing about whether the guys were drunk when they picked him up or had any real idea of what they were doing. Regardless, it seems a bit strange to me. Wonder if their defense will be they knew their friend would want them to have a special "wake" for him and the joy ride was it. Geeez!

William J. said...


I wonder what Mary thinks of the holiday?

The animal shots were good for a laugh.

The movie WEEKEND AT BERNIES was about a guy that was dead, Bernie, and two people took him everywhere. To parties, etc. I'm betting the two guys in this case are going to use the defense that they got the idea from the movie and if it is good for a movie it wasn't a crime because there was no intent to commit a crime.