Thursday, September 1, 2011

Do You Believe?

Today we are going to play "do you believe?".

First up do you believe this is Jack The Ripper:

Next is do you believe this man was only playing with his son and not trying to kill him?

Lastly do you believe that this man didn't keep the money?

Comment Away.


Lil Hardin Armstrong authored yesterday's quote. "We live on the leash of our senses." was said by an American author, poet, and naturalist known best for her work A Natural History of the Senses. Her awards and honors include: an honorary degree from Kenyon College, a Guggenheim Fellowship, the Orion Award, the John Burroughs Nature Award, and the Lavan Poetry Prize. She was named a "Literary Lion" by the New York Public Library, and a molecule ("dianeackerone") has been named after her. In 2008 she won the Orion Book Award for The Zookeeper's Wife. Who authored today's quote


Pat said...

Are either of these the face of the Ripper? I very much doubt it, interesting as it all is. I don't think we'll ever know who he was, but everybody who has delved into the crimes seems to have a theory. Scotland Yard's "photofit" looks like Pancho Villa.

The overboard kid is Very Big News around here. And no, I don't believe dad's story.

I do believe the guy who found $150K instead of broccoli in his garden didn't keep the money. I'd also be afraid somebody would come for it. I hope nobody claims it and he gets to keep it in the end.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I didn't think it was the face of Jack The Ripper either but they are now touting it as such. It does look like Pancho Villa!

I don't believe the dad's story either and it didn't even make the news here.

I would be scared it was drug or mafia money. If so my guess is they aren't going to claim it at the police station. If that happens he gets the money and then he is still in trouble.


Anonymous said...

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