Sunday, September 18, 2011

TV Update

This will be the last scheduled update. The only ones that ever updates me on their lives are DR and, Dona chips in once in a while but it isn't enough posts to continue the regularly scheduled updates. There will be updates here and there just not scheduled ones. And any of you can email me or post updates at any time. Any day or any time. Whenever you need to get something off of your chest or when you need support, or when you just want to tell me what is going on with you,. Feel free to do it any day of the week.

My update. Today's post was late because the TV in the bedroom at Mom's where I stay went kaput, First, it was breakfast with the boys. Then it was to Bi-Mart to buy a new TV. Then it was to Mom's. Sis stays in the same bedroom so I wanted the TV up and running before tomorrow night when she stays there. Since her husband Bob is an engineer I called him and said "The TV in the bedroom at Mom's went out, a new one is there, it is your job to set it up and get it running,." Seemed fair to me.

Last week going backwards. Sis and Bob wanted to go to Seattle so Mom was mine yesterday. I fixed mom a nice lunch. Then fixed her and Susan a great dinner. All Susan had to do is put it in the microwave for a few minutes. Turkey meatloaf, sweet potato fries, green beans, and ice cream bars. Friday I worked on my today list. Battery for my phone. Looked at TVs, grocery shopped, and basically ran errands and did my own bookwork. Thursday was at Moms until Susan got there. She got there early. Wednesday day and night was at Mom's. Tuesday was mostly rest but the family did go out for dinner together. Monday was shopping and errands. Mowed the lawn. Sunday was breakfast with the boys and the going to the mall to hang out. I had a twenty dollar reward card at Nordstrom's that I wanted to use. When I bought my suit last November it generated twenty bucks to use later. I bought some Allure cologne.

Coming up this week. Tomorrow a movie. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at Mom's. Friday is the errand day. Saturday is cleaning house. There may be minor foot surgery in there some where next week. If not then the following week for sure will be the foot surgery.

That is my update. Give me yours. This is your day on the blog post anything you damn well please.


Lady DR said...

I do miss the fact others aren't doing updates. I'll just go back to sending you my SC check-ins, so long as you send me yours (g).

You had a busy week, as always, and another coming up. What's the deal with the foot surgery?

Pretty standard week here. Pool M, Tu, Th and Fr. Managed to dance the entire two hours on Wednesday, partially because some new people needed help more than I needed to rest. Editorial hours done. Survived semi-annual dental app't/cleaning. Fri night was an outdoor BBQ reception for friends' daughter and her fiance, who's from Australia. They met while working at the B'hai International Ctr in Haifa, where both are living and where the wedding will be held. Cold front moved in Fri AM and it was 59 degrees, 10-15 mph winds and 30 mph gusts that evening. This, after a beautiful week of sunshine and temps in the low 80s. Thank goodness, Jo had rented a tent with canvas sides and thank goodness the predicted rain didn't happen. Folks were wearing an eclectic mix of whatever cold weather gear they could find on short notice. The guys manning the grill (including Himself) like to froze to death, but a good time was had by all. We knew only the family, so it was interesting to meet their diverse group of friends and neighbors.

Next week looks quiet, which is fine with me.

William J. said...


The surgery is the minor thing I have to have to have done three or four times a year.

I will try to send my s.c. check-in every week. I was kind of hoping when I did it here the lurkers would drop out and let us know about them but that hasn't worked out.

Your weeks are always so busy. I am glad you were able to dance two hours but hope you didn't have any side effects An outdoor barbecue sounds delightful. I'm kind of glad we have the weather we do hi 60s and hit and miss rain.

I hope your coming week remains quiet. But your weeks are like mine hopefully quiet but something always seems to happen.