Saturday, September 10, 2011

Win A Wife

"A single question can be more influential than a thousand statements." Bo Bennett

Corita Kent authored yesterday's quote.

An update on my brother-in-law. While they couldn't find anything with all the tests he woke up this morning without pain so I am thinking it was the statins. I am going to give it a couple of more days before breathing easily, just to be sure.

One might say with the first article that my blog is going to the dogs. Sorry, Pat.

From the good to the bad. In today's world what idiot radio station would have a contest like the one in the following article:

Should I enter?

Some jobs just stink. Even the well paying ones:

Off to pun jail. Comment Away.


Pat said...

Good news about your BIL waking up this morning without pain. My money is on the statins, too.

No apology necessary, Bill. Pun away at will. I can deal with it. {g}

As to the contest, I'd guess the contestants will get what they deserve. Interesting comment there about what they expect from women. What they may get is somebody who wants a US green card and will say goodbye as quickly as she can manage.

You should enter only if you want a nice trip to Russia and do NOT plan to bring home a wife.

Amazing story about the back pay! I'd work in the sewer for that kind of payout.

I hope they let you blog from pun jail.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Thank you for not making me apologize!

I'm not sure I would even want to go to Russia. Wonder if you won the wrong wife if you could give her back to the radio station.

I'd also would work in the sewer for seven hundred grand. Hell I'd work anywhere for that.

I hope to get out of pun jail soon, the bread and water is killing me.


Lady DR said...

Great news that BIL woke up without pain. Given Himself's experience with statins, I'm with you and Pat and hoping that's the case.

Loved the dog story. I knew, before Skeeter passed, that when I got another dog, one of my hopes was to reach a point where she could go through training and we could do nursing home visits, maybe even taking her to line dance shows at facilities. Scamp will need to mature and settle (and I'll need to either work less or cut back on other activities) before this can happen, but it's something I've always wanted to be involved in, so I hope it works out for us. Only time will tell.

Uh, probably wouldn't enter the wife contest (although, I could certainly use a wife, myself!) A friend of ours got caught in that, after his wife died. Keith's supposed "love" was from the Ukraine, I think. He spent literally thousands of dollars on attorneys and agencies, getting visas and all, going over to visit her (but not at her home, in Budapest). She came over here to visit and was gone in a week, still holding the visa and other paperwork he'd provided. It was not a happy story.

Good for the guys getting their back pay! Thirteen years without a raise and working without a contract must have made for hardships for a lot of families.

William J. said...


If the pain comes back tomorrow then it isn't the drugs if it stays away it is. He seems to be doing well today.

What a rewarding thing it would be for you to do. Scamp and Nursing Homes. Scamp and Line Dance.

I have always heard the Russian wife thing was a scam. I hope the radios attorneys checked things out before having a contest. I wonder how many fools entered the contest. I would imagine Keith's experience are the normal ones and the others are the exceptions.

They deserved their back pay and I am glad they got it.


Lady DR said...

I do hope Scamp can become a therapy dog. It'll depend on her personality development, training required and whether or not I can find a way to make it work into my schedule. I always thought Skeeter would have been an excellent therapy dog, but it just wasn't in the cards.

William J. said...


Maybe Skeeter is a therapy dog in heaven. Making everyone smile and everyone comfortable.