Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Roping Castles

I'm back. For better or worse I am back. Tonight is at Mom's then I come home tomorrow and don't have to be back there for a week. A good chance to get a lot done.

Let's start off with a story that I just got roped into:


Two tries, two saved dogs, one amazed blogger.

Speaking of animals, you know I can't resist another cute animal story:


Restoration and castles are always fun topics for me. How would you like to restore the buildings in the following article:


Comment Away.


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Pat said...

Wow, you get a whole week off? Use it wisely, and have some fun, okay?

Amazing that after 30 years of no practice, that guy could lasso two dogs like that. Bravo to him!

Yeti should charge for her services as a wet nurse. I hope she gets at least an occasional bone or chew toy.

Some really great castle photos there! But no, I don't think I want to renovate any of them.

Lady DR said...

Wow, a week off - will you know what to do with yourself? Or will you be spending that time working on the tax returns? I suspect just the idea of being at your own home is lovely.

Good job by the cowboy and the dog rescue. Why do people not pay attention to warning signs? Do they think they're put up just to give folks a job to do?

Loved the dog and piglets. Must be a mighty patient puppy.

Like Pat, don't think I'd care to restore any of the castles shown. If I were to restore, it would be Berry Pomeroy in Totnes, Devonshire, but I don't think there's enough left to restore, unfortunately. Artist's renderings of the castle when it was whole are pretty impressive.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Not really a week off just a week where I don't spend a night a Mom's. I am the only one that gets her out so there will be a couple of lunches I am sure and a dinner or two.

The lasso guy even if he had been practicing that was an amazing feat.

I'm with you on Yeti.

Those Castles would so much fun to live in if it weren't for the light bill and the repair costs.


William J. said...


I already delivered the tax returns to Mark yesterday. So it will be getting my affairs in order, lawn care, some cleaning, changing titles to trust, reading, a movie, and learning how to E-f. Also schedule my education. And sleeping seven days straight in my home is lovely.

Good question about warning signs, I guess people thing those signs are meant for everyone else and not them. Stupid. With all the storms and evacuations lately one of the most frequent searches to my blog now is "what if I ignore evacuation orders." because of a post about a year ago about the LA fires. Stupid. Don't ignore them.

You picked the same castle I did.