Saturday, September 24, 2011

Open Houses

Yesterday was an interesting day because for the first day in several years it was a day when I had nothing planned. I did very little too. A good rest but a little boring. Today I am taking mom to lunch, going to the post office to get stamps and mail my brother's birthday card, stop by the bank, grocery shop, and watch football. Maybe even mow the lawn.

First up today is the weekly open houses:

I like the Portland house but I'd take the steps out.

Does mom like you best? Do parents have favorites among their children? Is it OK to favor on child over the next?

Mom likes me best. You?

And let's close out the week with one final dumb criminal story.

Say cheese! Then Comment Away.


Pat said...

From yesterday--of course I read the Christmas card story, I just somehow lost the Christmas card part of it in nudity and the "wrapped in toilet paper" part. {g}

And today's post--Funny that you found a real day off to be "a little boring". When I was working, what I loved most was a day when I'd have nothing planned and didn't expect the phone to ring announcing some project.

I was thinking I liked the Portland house until I saw the Washington, Conn. house. I'm a sucker for water, and waterfalls especially, so this one is a no-brainer for me. One bedroom would be hard to deal with if I had guests, but maybe there's a spare room somewhere?

Being an only who had an only, I can't comment about favorite children. I would hope that the parents who have a favorite manage to hide it well.

Love those stupid criminals! What I love most is that they always get caught.

Lady DR said...

Good rest, but a bit boring. I hear you. I now take Sundays off from all work - profit based or domestic - and I find it's sometimes hard to NOT do things. Sounds like you're making up for it today.

Wow, the first house (Napa) is interesting. Has the same sq footage we do, although certainly a different layout. Trust me, we did not pay a million for ours (wry s). None of the others really appealed, either because of size or geographic location. Waterfalls would be nice, but I'd want the view of them from the house, not below the house (picky, picky, picky).

Favorite children. I agree with the idea that it's not so much favorite but the way parents relate to a child, through whatever circumstances. I think I was the favorite when I was younger, primarily because the folks tried for so long and then because it was another five years before my brother was born. Even though Mom and I were both oldest, it was Daddy I related to and spent so much time with. I also think favorites can change. Over the last twenty years or so, I do feel the youngest (11 years younger than me, a "surprise" baby) has become the favorite, primarily because she can do no wrong. Ironically, she and I are more alike than either of us would care to admit, which may or may not have something to do with the whole picture. Our biggest difference is communication - I share, she does not, in almost any area of life.

Ya know, combine dumb with ego and it's not going to be a winning combination for a crook.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

The card was easy to lose amongst the toilet paper and other assets.

It was boring yesterday. I had things I could have done but I just didn't feel like doing them so I didn't.

The Washington, Conn house was beautiful but it was just so far away from everything I know. As much as the Conn house was selling for it had to have a guest room somewhere.

I've always been accused of being spoiled, being the chosen one, being the favorite by my siblings. The truth is I've done the most and gotten the least so they are way off base.

It is just so dumb to sell a laptop you have stolen with your picture on it. Dumb.


William J. said...


Maybe after all these years I am learning that boring doesn't always mean bad!

You deserve Sunday off.

Napa is a beautiful area in California, right in the middle of wine country. You can be picky, you are buying the house.

I think you are on to something. My brother was the favorite in high school because of sports skills and all the teams he made. Sis was the favorite before that and I was the favorite after that. I think it is interesting that you related to your dad and spent so much time with him. Wow what losses you suffered losing two of your three favorite men (I am including Himself). I'd quit sharing if someone didn't share back.

I'm glad the dumb criminals are caught, they are really to stupid to be free.