Saturday, April 14, 2012

Crunch Time

I am trying to get enough work done so that I can finish by Monday. Then there is lunch and dinner for Mom. Not enough time for a blog post today. I will return tomorrow.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! Except Mary, I just hope she survives it!



Pat said...

Hope you manage to get it all done, Bill. Mary, you, too! Then take at least a day off, okay?

dona said...

I think Bill and Mary both need some time off! Or at the least a few hours rest. I hope everyone here can try to enjoy some of the weekend.

Pat, I hope your shoulder is better, those comforters can sure fight taking a bath. :)

Mary said...

Thank you. You too. We can do this! (as usual, I'm madly jealous that you're almost done, I have to work until 10 p.m. on Tuesday).

William J. said...


Got it all done but my return and I am going to file an extension on that!


William J. said...

Hi Dona

I will take Tuesday and Wednesday off and then it is back to normal.

Hope things are well with you!


William J. said...


I will be done by noon tomorrow!

Hang in there, it is almost over.