Friday, April 27, 2012


Friday, the second one since the job finished. Certainly a different day depending on whether or not you are working. Today's agenda includes doing some work for a client, lunch and dinner for Mom, picking up around the house, picking up Mom's drugs, and watching the NFL draft. A little stress, a little work, a little fun. Not a bad day. The day started off in a good fashion when I read the following article:

Because it feels kind of weird lately getting up in the morning and not having a place to go to I enjoyed the following article:

Without going to work I can sleep in, I enjoyed the following tips:

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Pat said...

So if the job is finished, how come you're doing some work for a client? Inquiring minds, you know. {s} Generally, it sounds like a pretty good day, and I was also cheered by the first article. What a nice kid, and with a very good idea there! That should happen more for people who don't have much to donate, but would like to help others as much as they can.

Love the odd facts. I'm even tempted to get the book. I happen to have more tequila than I'll ever drink around here (gifts), and now that I know I can make diamonds from it, well, the rest may be history if I can figure out the tricks to doing it.

I think I can do without a collection of noses, thankyewverymuch.

So glad to have crop circles explained at last. But, er, we don't have wallabies here, so who is chewing up our fields?

William J. said...

Hi Pat

The year before I sold my practice I negotiated an over a million dollar deal for a client had been with me since I started my practice. Because of the way the deal was structered for tax purposes nobody but me is going to understand the ins and out of the deal. He was the one client besides relatives that I kept and will keep him until the balloon payment is paid and there is no more tax filings required. I review his books on a quarterly basis to make sure he is doing things according to Bill.

I was also tempted to buy the book, some interesting stuff there to throw into a conversation!

My guess is that is men from outspace that is tearing up your fields.


Lady DR said...

Glad you had a good day, certainly varid.

Great article on the kid doing the charity work a couple bucks at a time. Particularly in today's economy, big donations are hard for most folks, but $2 is doable. I wish him the best of luck.

The "weird" article was pretty neat. interesting stuff.

Ditto the sleep article. In the "Happiness Project," one of the things she recommended was getting rid of all the blue and green lights that come off electronics we may have in the bedroom. We have few. However, I did turn my clock, with the big green digital display, so I couldn't see it and it does seem to have made a difference. Go figure!

William J. said...


Varied is a good way to describe most my days!

The kid's parent also get a kudos from me for teaching him to give at an early age. I also wish him the best of luck.

I loved the weird article!

I am just now trying some of the things in the article to see if any help. I made it to five this morning which is good for me.