Thursday, April 19, 2012


Since tax season is over I kind of was monkeying around yesterday:

I thought about maybe doing some traveling now:

And maybe now I will have time to help someone out:

Comment Away.


Pat said...

I saw something about the baboon reading thing either on tv or in the paper, can't remember which. So the great apes are NOT the only teachable primates other than us. However, I think apes are generally more tractable than baboons. Hmmm... {g}

The road trip sounds appealing. All good road-trippers seem to avoid the Interstates like the plague. Lots of miles, fast travel, not much to see except as a blur going by.

And another unseeable AOL video. Sigh. Did you say close it and start it loading again? There's no close button. I did try loading the page again, but had the same result. Their loss, humph.

Lady DR said...

I wonder if the jury is still out on the baboons. Is it possible they've just gotten bad press in the past?

Loved the pictures from the road trip. That was our original idea with the RV - take the time to take the backroads. Somehow, it's not worked out yet, but I haven't given up home. I'd love to travel the old two lane highways. You may not have the superstores, the RV resort camping and such, but I'll bet you'd find lots of neat and interesting spots and stuff and people.

The story about the little boy and his lemonade stand was so neat! Pat, I'm sorry you couldn't see it. Sometimes, I have to click back to Bill's page then click again on the link a time or two. This one came through fine. Bottom line, a six year old raised $10K to help pay for his dad's treatment for a rare form of cancer. Hugs and kudos to the kid!

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Here is another site where the last video is, it is the same story, you will have to cut and past though:

I wish there was a way we could track baboons. The we could go ape over them.

Mark when he goes from Seattle to Los Angeles takes the freeway to Sacramento then goes over to 99-W
he just likes it better. I would love to travel Route 66 just for fun.


William J. said...


I do think the jury is still out, I think they need more than one test to come to a conclusion.

What a great idea about taking the road trip with the RV! I hope it does work out at some point because I think you would have a ball, meet new people, and see new sites.

The lemonade stand was heartwarming not only because of the boy but also because of the people that helped. 10K is hell of lot to raise!