Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm Sorry.

On the agenda today is a good lawn mowing, paying bills, a pickup around the house, and maybe a movie.

Today I am sharing a story that was in yesterday's Oregonian that I found kind of touching:

Do you have someone you would like to find and apologize to? I have several. Teachers and fellow students. Maybe at some point I will try to find them.

It is going to be in the eighties today so eating some ice cream might be on the agenda:

Closing with things you need to know about today:

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Pat said...

Very touching story about the rather late apology. It's probably good the teacher never had known what happened until it was apologized for. Racking my memory, I don't think I ever did anything like that. I do remember one teacher in 7th grade who was tormented by some over-testeroned boys. I, like most of the class, was amused by their antics, and now I think I should have been more sorry for the new young teacher, but I never did anything myself, either to help or torture her. I was very shy in 7th grade and more or less invisible.

Interesting about brain freeze. I don't get it from ice cream, which I guess I eat slowly enough to avoid it. What I have gotten it from is blended Margaritas or slushies or anything with little particles of ice. Very unpleasant, so if I remember, I drink such things quite slowly.

This time I knew quite a few of the "Ten Things" already. I'm curious about Rubio and a little appalled to hear Jeb Bush mentioned as a possible Veep candidate. Yikes! Not another Bush! Even if he is supposed to be "the smart one".

Lady DR said...

Sounds like you had a combination of productivity and relaxation. Hope that was the case.

The story from the Oregonian was something and the reporter/columnist is an excellent writer. Like Pat, I can't think of anything big I'd like to apologize for, although there are some regrets, but I don't think you reach our age without thinking there are a few things you might have handled different.y.

Oooh, you've got eighties? We're back to jackets and fleece pullovers here, with sixties, high winds and near freezing at night.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

There are a few times when I went with my peers instead of standing apart from them and sticking up from someone. And there are I few times when I ignored comments about teachers that I should have challenged.

In the story I think the apology meant more now then it would have back then.

I was also very shy in the 7th grade.

I get it from ice cream and that is about the only time. I still haven't learded to eat it slowly.

I also knew a few of the ten things. Add me to the list that is both curious about Rubio and would want anyone but another Bush as vice president.


William J. said...


Yesterday and today are the calm before the storm.

Tom Haliman is an award winning journalist and writer, I always like his stories. But in this one I wanted to know if he found the girl he wanted to apologize to. I thought that made the story incomplete.

We are going to be back in the sixties today but yesterday and the day before were record breaking stories.

Still freezing at night? Wow. We won't freeze again until December.