Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Unusual

Sister leaves this morning for Texas and I take over with Mom. Ten days, I can do anything. Since Mom is the unusual 96 year old in her honor we will do unusual stories:

Next up a long trip for a soccer ball:

Ending the day with an unusual connection:

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Lady DR said...

Okay, sending positive thoughts and vibes for the time with Mom, especially since your two stress tests fall within that period (wry s). Although you and Mom usually get along well, when left to your own devices.

What a story about the post card. What I don't understand is why the Post Office felt it was "theirs" to take possession of and return to the intended recipient, when Fulcher had gone to all the effort and recruited friends to locate the man and even email him.

Good story about the two sport balls. I wonder how many other men would have taken the time to try to track down the Japanese owners and return the balls. Kudos to Baxter and his wife.

I giggled at the bit about "Dull" and "Boring." A bit of a hoot, that. I hope Sian sees it or visits the blog (g).

Pat said...

I hope you and mom have a happy time together, with no taxes to consider.

I agree with DR about the Post Office, only maybe they had to do it that way. There are some pretty stern rules for the US Mail. I didn't know until somebody told me that it's illegal to put anything other than US Mail in a mailbox. My gardener leaves his bill there, and I've told others to leave things there for me, so I guess I'm a Mail criminal. Or at least an accomplice.

I saw the soccer ball story on the news. What a great story! I wish the poor kid could get his home back along with the football.

Love the idea of "Dull" and "Boring" being sister cities. How perfect!

William J. said...


I don't think it will be that bad. I will do lunch and dinners everyday but I have a lot of gift cards to take care of some of those. Just four nights is all so that is good. And I am just going to make it fun for Mom.

I'm with you the post card should belong to the person it was sent to or at least to his family.

I loved the football story because it shows that some people will do anything to do the right thing.

I sent the link to S16 and Sian said it was news in Scotland too.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

I am just going to go easy with Mom and keep repeating the mantra "she is 96 she is not going to change."

That makes three of us that things the Post Office should have the post card. I did know it was illegal to put other things in mail boxes (like flyers). Don't worry the post office doesn't read my blog.

I'm with you, it would be great if the poor kid to get his home back.

I also like the suggestion of a heaven and hell connection for those two cities!