Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Kind

Although I have a lot on my plate and a to do list the size of the Incredible Hulk I am getting caught up and the job may end the middle of next week. It is kind of mixed emotions. I will miss the people. They are all very nice. This is the best and the most efficient group they have had in the four years that I have been there. No turkeys. The end of the tax season party is April 21. We are going on The Portland Spirit. That is a cruise on the Willamette River in downtown Portland. Lunch and drinks are included. I asked Nancy to come along and she will be joining us. There will be another party later in the summer. A going away party for one of my favorite people that has worked there, Amy. She is the one that once said, "it will be a very sad day when you don't work here." Well, it will be a sad day when Amy leaves for the Army. Her husband is disabled and can't work. She has two years of college and can't afford more. She just had a baby last August. She made a decision that was best for her family, it takes a strong woman to make a decision like that. The service will pay for her last two years of college. She will make enough to send money home. Her husband and her two children will move in with his parents and the in-laws will take care of the children. Damn she will be missed if I go back next year. Amy is my kind of people.

My kind of mob:

The idea is spreading and just recently showed up in Washington State.

My kind of friend is one that sends me charming links, like the following one that DR sent:

I want that little girl in charge of something, anything, she is just to darn precious.

My kind of article:


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Lady DR said...

Great you're getting caught up. I understand mixed feelings about the job ending, particularly since you work with great people. I kinda feel that way each time I finish a project that's been great to work on. Sounds like a nice party plan for the 21st. I'll keep Amy in my prayers. Sounds like she's got a rough row to hoe and I'm so glad the in-laws can pitch in.

I love the idea of a cash mob descending on independent small businesses. I'd like to see that sort of thing spread. Too many small and/or independent shops are struggling against the big box stores.

How exciting it must have been for the guy to get a response to his message in a bottle. What fun!

Pat said...

I also understand mixed feelings when a job ends. I had a lot of that when I was working. Amy sounds like a remarkable woman! I hope everything works out for her and her family.

Cash mobs are a very cool idea. I'm seeing commercials that call for shopping at small businesses on Saturdays, which is a sort of related idea. I like both ideas, though I'm not much of a shopper, and so far haven't helped out all that much. The cash mob is more specific and if I heard of one here, I'd probably chip in even if I didn't really need to buy anything. Best would be if it was a bookstore.

The little girl was a champion at her 911 call. I hope her outfit was okay with the rescuers. {g}

Love the message in a bottle. It's so great when those get found and answered. I hope his next attempt is found, also.

William J. said...


If I get done early in the week then I can do my own tax returns! I have two, corporate and business.
It is nice that you can understand my feelings. I am actually looking forward to the party cruise, just pray for nice weather. Please do keep Amy in your prayers, I know this is selfish but I hope she fails her physical.

The cash mob just seems like so much fun. Not only are you helping a local business you are meeting new people with common ideas and making new friends.

Had I received the bottle it would have been a story of the lifetime for me.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

It seems like we all understand mixed emotions of a job, it makes me feel better that I am not alone in my feelings.

Amy is remarkable. When she first started I was in the back by the copy machine. Her job then was to assemble and scan returns. Because I was there she would ask me questions. We really got to know each other.

I also like the idea of cash mobs.
Shopping at small business Saturdays is very much like the cash mob and is another great idea. Bookstores are struggling, especially independent ones, so they would be a great target of the cash mobs!

The outfit thing with the little girl just made me smile. Her mom or her dad must have used the phrase "so far, so good." Adorable girl.

It does amaze me how often the bottles are found.