Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I had a nice day yesterday. Paying bills, banking, shopping and the movie "The Lucky One." Not a bad movie. It is a movie that a movie that my brother would call a groin movie. Have his wife kick him the groin, that way he saves two hours and ten bucks and still gets a good cry in. It was a touching story of a soldier that finds a photograph of a woman, then after the war searches out the woman for thanking her for saving his life. Nicolas Sparks. Should have known.

Sometime it is lucky to get into the doctor early, here is an article that will help you make you won luck where doctors are concerned:


Speaking of luck:


And ending with a company that wants some lucky asteroids:


Comment Away.


Pat said...

Probably good advice about doctors. My current one is excellent in all respects except phone access. You can actually get access to the office by going around corners and jumping through a few hoops, but if you just call the number and the extension, you always get voicemail. At first I thought his office girl must be terribly busy, but no... it's the rule to let it go to voicemail. They are good about returning your call fairly soon, but it's offputting at first because all they promise is "within 24 hours".

Humph. This woman won two Lotteries? At the same time? Sheesh, did I even want to hear about this. Nice that she says she'll take care of her parents, I suppose. But with $1.5 million, who wouldn't? {grump, grump}

I saw the thing about mining asteroids in the paper this morning. Great idea if they can carry it off. And if they don't alter the asteroids' courses and send them crashing into us. Hey, it sounds a lot better than "fracking" here on our own planet.

Lady DR said...

Delighted to hear you were able to kick back a bit yesterday.

Interesting article on doctors. So far (knock wood), I've been pretty fortunate, although have had some waits. One thing I've found is that arriving early often gets you in early, because a patient isn't on time for an app't and you get that slot.

Two lotteries in one day? I'd be delighted to win one, especially since I already have plans for how to spend the money!

Thee asteroid project sounds intriguing, particularly if it will help the energy situation and all.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Mom and I have been really lucky with our doctors because we really don't have to wait for any of them. We do try to be the doctor's first appointment in the morning, that way they don't have a chance to backup before we get there. I am glad you also have efficient doctors!

Talk about luck two lotteries in one day. I would love to do that. It is good that she is going to use some of it for good things.

I am with you about the asteroids, good if they can do it with out destroying the earth or some of the people living on it.


William J. said...


It was a good day two days in row now Mom becomes center stage.

It looks like you, Pat, and I are all lucky with our doctors. I've also found arriving early gets you in early.

I am with you, I would be happy to win just one. Even a lowly hundred grand would make an impact on my life.

The energy aspect of the asteroid project could maybe even cause gas prices to go down. I am all for that.