Monday, April 2, 2012

Going Bald, Going Cold, & Going Old.

It's Monday! Just a little over two weeks I get a day off! In the meantime I am considering going bald:

I have been referred a few times during my life as a warm person. I am going against that trend and going cold today:

And after watching the following video I am thinking about going old:

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Pat said...

When they do a bald Barbie, or when they choose models for hats and scarves for the bald, they are always totally beautiful, with even features. Not everybody looks that good bald, so maybe you should hang onto your hair for a while. OTOH, men tend to look much better bald than women do. I wonder why that is--maybe just what we're used to.

I try to organize my freezer in just about the way they recommend. Can't say I'm 100%, but I'm better than I used to be.

The gymnast is pretty darned good for 86, I'd say! Pretty darned good for a lot younger than that. If I even make it to 86, I'll probably be doing well to get out of bed.

Lady DR said...

Good job on the Barbies. Even though we aren't all as cute as she is, I think it's a positive for kids to see a toy that "looks like they do" and if Bald Barbie includes a variety of hats and scarves and turbans, even better, to show them solutions.

My freezer comes and goes, in terms or organization, I'm afraid. Right now, I'm in "empty freezer" mode, so we may have some interesting meals.

Love the 86 year old gymnast. If I can be like that in twenty years, I'll happily grow older!

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I don't know after the initial shock I think most women still look pretty good bald. However, I am taking your advise and hanging on to my hair.

I clean my freezer once a century. Maybe after tax season I do it a second time this century.

The gymnast makes me smile.


William J. said...


What a great idea for Barbie to includ hats and turbans. That would be the added touch that would make this even better. And to show solutions, YEA! I'm putting you in charge of the Bald Barbie.

My freezer just stays unorganized. Now Mom's I organize monthly.

I also hope I am that limber at 86.