Sunday, April 8, 2012


"Easter says you can put truth in a grave, but it won’t stay there." ~Clarence W. Hall

"Passover and Easter are the only Jewish and Christian holidays that move in sync, like the ice skating pairs we saw during the winter Olympics." Marvin Olasky

To me Easter is day of reflection. A day of celebration with the family. A day of renewal. A day of a new Dahn (pun intended).

For those that celebrate either holiday may your holiday be rewarding and wonderful.

For those that don't celebrate religious holidays, the following article is for you:

Signs like the one in the above article is the reason I am proud to say I am a Methodist. It warms my heart that the positive comments about the sign out number the negative comments by thirty or forty to one.

Her is an update from Snug, AKA as Adi:

"Just a quick update: it's been ups and downs, really. He has been on the mend, and can now wheel himself about the ward in a wheelchair, though he has little strength in his legs to stand -- the meningitis caused a stroke-like issue with his legs. If all things go well, he is expected to move to a step-down rehab facility next week, for six weeks, where they will help him get back on his legs, or adjust to life using whatever aid is needed, be it a walking stick or a wheelchair. But the down is that although he was doing well, today he developed a fever which rapidly escalated into a high fever. So it's really still a day at a time. "

And a follow-up to my response:

"I'm taking it a day at a time, or it will become overwhelming. It is indeed daunting though, to think that it will be another 6 weeks before Les comes home. But I'm also told that 6 weeks is not really that long in terms of rehab time. Today has been a good day, no fever and he's seemingly back to normal. So I count the good days and not try to get weighed down by anything else. Your prayers and support have helped immensely, along with Dona's, and all the wonderful people at your blog."

Speaking of updates and Dona. Where in the hell has Dona been? Sure would like an update from her.

And I would like updates from all of you. Tell me what is going on in your lives. What went on. What is going on next week. How you are celebrating today's holiday. Updates on your friends that were in peril. Requests for prayers and good thoughts. Vent. Shout Joys. Post anything you damn well please.


dona said...

Hi Bill, I hope you are having a nice day...(liked the pun by the way).
I have not been active on your blog, and am once again sorry about that. I managed a quick stalking one day and noticed the post you made about Snug's Significant other so immediately wrote to her to offer up a few prayers or good vibes. You all are so good to me with those when I need them I didn't want to miss helping any of you, and I am afraid I may have.

I will try to be short with an update to catch you all up a bit. I am ok, Dad is ok as well, he has been on a trip to Florida as well as Tennessee for golf and is still going strong each day. We had some issues with our bathroom and the Shankster and I tried to "fix" them during one of dads trips. Needless to say, anything you do around this house can add up to twenty more things you have to do to get the first job done, which can make for a nightmare. So 2 weeks were spent on that and it Took its toll on the Shankster, as any time he gets physical with anything, his problems arise with the plumbing (no pun just tryin to make it clean) But we are told its ok. But its mind boggling to say the least. He still is awaiting on getting a biopsy done as they want to have him cleared because of the recent find of diabetes. Which we are doing ok with, just that we find he needs to be active, but with being active results in the plumbing issue, and when he is not active the sugar levels go up. (vicious cycle) So during the bathroom fiasco, the outside weather was nice but windy, which blew down the barn....or parts of it. So Dad offered up to buy the parts to fix it, if the Shankster and I did the work. Sure, no problem... we thought. Four weeks into it and we are still not done, as for 2 weeks the Shankster has been bedridden, seems he pulled a muscle in his back and that was it. I found him Crawling up the hill one day as he could not stand on his feet and so that put an end to the active part for a while. After a week of it I finally got him to the ER and got some shots and pills that have helped. Of course he tried to get back to the barn too quick and is down again. (Stubborn) So this is why I have been gone for a bit, I have to watch him like a hawk! Not much me time. He is either trying to sneak a sweet or get up on a ladder or saw some wood...whatever I am tired and I think I need a vacation!

I hope everyone has a nice day however you spend it. To Snug best wishes and prayers still headed your way.

Pat said...

Well, good for the Methodists! I'm sort of surprised at their sign, but of course completely in agreement with it, and pleased that they've had so much positive reaction.

I'm not celebrating Easter, as you might have suspected. Unless you consider sleeping late and avoiding all chores as celebrating.

Dona and Snug, good vibes coming for both of you! Life's a very hard road sometimes.

Lady DR said...

Love the sign and the message and your take on Easter. I think the responses to the message say a lot. Love your fellow man and "do unto others" seem to be the bottom line for many of us.

Best wishes to Snug and her family, with continued prayers. Tough duty. Dona, adding you and the Shankster to my prayer list again. You've been down and continue down a bumpy road and I hope things will improve soonest. I hear you and trying to keep the Shankster "down" for his own good, believe me. Are you taking care of yourself, throughout all this?

We're having a quiet Easter. I did some crocheting on Aunt D's prayer shawl, some reading, Scamp and I did another walk at Furman, where one couple said, "You've got a miniature Benjy!"

The week has been more research, listing more questions than answers. The happy news is that I did get a $1000 grant award from OLLI, wich will help with some of the costs I know I'll be facing (which seem to be growing). Now I've got a general pictures, we get down to the nitty gritty next week - dba requirements for an imprint, whether I need to register imprint with state, techie details on setting up manuscript (before or after I update?). At this point, I can't say I'm having fun, but it's all part of the process and the fun must start soon. Right? (Please say, yes). Line dance, the pool, working with the guys on their website, a raft of editorial inquiries (some more intelligent than others - koff). Time to go to departure date on the calendar and begin working backwards with lists for our needs, dog needs, app'ts needed prior to leaving, weaving in book project issues and the like. I'm hoping having lists will give me a feeling of some sort of control (wry s). Sometimes that works.

dona said...

Thanks Guys for the continued support! DR, is that picture a new one of Scamp? Wow so cute! And yes it is so very hard to "tell" him what he can and can't do. Doesn't like to be told much of anything. But does like to be waited on. :)

Also I guess I got myself out of the loop so to speak as I am wondering, DR what kind of project are you working on? I think I must have missed something somewhere.

Today was a nice day. Weather wise and other. One of the boys showed up late yesterday and is staying for a couple of days. Maybe I can put him to work tomorrow to keep the Shankster down and get myself a little rest. :)

William J. said...

Hi Dona

It is so doggone good to hear from you! You don't need to be sorry about not being active on your blog but we all know you have a lot on your plate and we miss you and worry about you when we don't hear from you for a while.

I think it is great that you are getting a break from your dad but wish you could have enjoyed it doing something else but work! I have to remodel my bathroom do it was considering doing it myself until I read your report. The Shankster is in a new era of his life and needs to pay more attention to things will now take a toll on him that wouldn't before.
I need to come there and slap some sense into that man. I worry about him waiting for the biopsy. I read on your blog that he is doing pretty good controling his sugar.
The active thing is a vicious cycle, I need to walk more but when I do my back hurts like hell.

Oh darn about the barn being blown down. That just sucks. Wow that is a lot of freaking work to be the barn fixed. Instead of fixing I would have toyed with the idea of making it a little apartment for your dad so you and The Shankster can have some peace.

There is nothing more painful than a pulled muscle in the back. I don't know whether to hug The Shankster or be mad at him for doing to much. I might consider going down to the local police department and see if you can borrow an ankle bracelet for him to wear.

We had a nice Easter and I hope you and yours did also.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

I am betting the Church is going to increase its membership because of the sign. I was kind of surprised at the church sign also but damn proud that they did it. After reading the article I was less surprised because the minister says it is based on scripture.

I count sleeping in and avoiding chores as celebrating.


William J. said...


The sign is just stunning to me. And if causes other to relook at their faith more power to it. To me re-examing your beliefs is always a good thing.

Each east I just feel like I am given a new start.

Quiet holidays are sometimes the best. Ours was busy but quiet. I would love to see a picture of the prayer shawl when you are done. I love the picture of you and Scamp walking the campus. A minature Benjy is a cute description.

WAY TO GO. The grant is great news. Those are not easy to get. Sounds like you are well on your way. The fun will be when you are done and you can look back at your project.

Gkad as always there was some line dance and pool in your week. The guys are lucky to have you to help them with the web page.

When do you leave for Arizona?

I am a major list maker so I think having lists will help.


William J. said...

Hi Dona

You are always in our thoughts and prayers and we all have are sledge hammers handy to loan you to help with The Shankster.

DR is working on a few projects but the one that I am fascinated is the possibility of a re-publication of her book, When Someone You Love Has Cancer, through self-publishing. We used her book for families when I worked at a cancer research center.
Here is a link about the book complete with a customer review:

And don't waste any time put the boy to work on the barn!

Glad you had a nice day.