Thursday, April 26, 2012


Is mind control a good thing?

Is the US the number one destination for immigrants?

Are war games necessary?

Comment Away.


Pat said...

Mind control is not a good thing. Well, mind control over a robot can be a good thing. Just not the other way around. How wonderful if it can become a real aid to the paralyzed.

Of course since I live in CA I've heard that illegal immigration from Mexico is slowing down. I heard one guy, a Mexican official of some kind, partially attribute it to things "being better in Mexico". Meaning better than before, as I interpreted it, not better than here. I think it's much more because there are fewer jobs here now, since I sure hear a lot of stuff about gangs, drugs, and kidnappings in Mexico. Not a safe place these days.

So we're bugging China with war games they consider interference? How intelligent of us. Gosh, maybe we can turn it into another unnecessary foreign war, only with a slightly bigger opponent.

Lady DR said...

IF a handicapped individual can control a helpful robot with brain waves and the like, I'm all for it. What a boost to independence.

I'm glad to see the illegal immigration numbers dropping and hope it continues. While things may be "slow" in the US and looking better in Mexico, I still think we need to continue to enforce immigration laws, both at the border and by prosecuting those who knowingly hire illegals, from anywhere. Statistics show that many of these are costing us millions of dollars in not only health care and education, but the illegal activities that bring in the big bucks. If, as some say, in some cases it's because they bring technical expertise or education (often gained here, not always), then wouldn't it make sense for us to educate our own people to be able to handle those jobs, rather than leave them on unemployment or in low-paying jobs? Some of this goes back to the cost of college education and the student loan issue, I think.

War games. Isn't that some sort of oxymoron? Practicing how to kill people is a game? (Yes, I know it is in many video games, sigh.) Why can we not learn to play nice and share resources, including energy?

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I am all for the mind control robot helping the disabled but I am with you about mind control stretching beyond that.

The conditions would have to improve substantially in Mexico for them to be better than here. I agree with your point that fewer jobs has as much to do with the decline than anything.

I think war becomes a possibility if Romney gets in. They are already talking about Iran and they have a relationship with China. Probably the main reason I will vote for Obama despite being so disappointed in him.


William J. said...


I am with you, if a handicapped individual can control a helpful robot with brain waves I'm all for it.

I also agree that we need to enforce immigration laws expecially with the economy in the tank and jobs hard to come by. Those jobs should go to American first. Employers should willingly hire citizens first but they can get the illegals on the cheap and I agree with you the employers need to be reigned if in they go the illegal route.

Have we ever really given peace a chance?