Saturday, April 28, 2012


I got up this morning, poured myself a cup of freshly brewed coffee, sat down in my easy chair and started pondering. A simple exercise that at times can be dangerous, at other times can be peaceful, at other times rewarding, it can be problem solving time, or maybe it can just be a time to wonder about the world and just what are the most colorful mountains in the world:

From wondering about mountains to wondering what I missed when I fell asleep before the sunset last night:

Just as I got done pondering sunsets a cute little kitty appeared and peeked in my patio door. Made me wonder if all animals are that cute:

I hope you are pondering about today. Comment Away and then


Pat said...

Pretty mountains, pretty hotel sites. VERY BIG-MOUTHED SHARK! I always thought that Jonah story was probably made up, but that shark could swallow someone, I'll bet!

Lady DR said...

Ah, morning pondering. My favorite thing, as I look out at the woods and watch the birds at the feeders and write in my MPs. It seems to start my morning off "right." I shall miss it on the trip, I suspect.

Beautiful mountains and pretty sunsets. I hope to enjoy a variety of both on the trip out west.

I suppose "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," but I found several of the animals appealing. Actually, I wouldn't mind having a Dik-Dik and Quoll, especially since the Dik-Dik is about midway between the size of Scamp and Spook, weight wise and looks like it would be a fun little critter to have. I wonder if they can be house trained? (G).

Spent lots of time pondering throughout the day, mostly on what needs doing, what I can do now, what needs to wait and what needs taking on the trip. Maybe at least as much pondering as doing (wry s).

Do you think the kitty came looking for you?

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I was kind of surprised by the size of the shark and I certainly wouldn't want to meet up with to see if he could swallow me whole.


William J. said...


Pondering is also one of my favorite things.

The kitty has been here two or three times before, it belongs to a neighbor three or four houses down. She always comes through my backyard and stops, looks in, and then moseys on her way. I've tried to pet it but while she will stay she will run when I reach down.

I also thought some of the animals were maybe a little different but still cute.

Pondering is always better than doing!