Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Hangover

I hope you all had a nice Easter. Here is an article that is kind of a hangover from the holiday:

I'm not sure I agree with the article but it was an interesting attempt.

I do know what happens to people if they try to scam you into believing that they will help you with all your tax problems:

They got what they deserved!

And I do know where you can for help for any of life's problems:

Off to what I think is the beginning of my last week of work!

Comment Away.


Pat said...

"So, if Strassman's research pans out, it could be the case that the near-death experience is little more than a really good trip." Well, that sounds okay to me. I've always been a little suspicious of the "white light" and "out of body" stuff. {G}

I don't know if it was TaxMasters, but I heard a report on NPR from a guy who had tested various tax preparers. One (the I didn't get the name of) promised him a refund in the thousands and only charged him something like $35. H&R Block, he said, was very pleasant, with coffee and cookies and nice people. Their rate ran $300-$400 and they got him a much smaller but reasonable refund. The "most expensive" CPA he could find, got him an even smaller refund, but charged him a lot more. To end the test, he went to his regular guy, who charged about the same as H&R, got him a reasonable refund and will continue to get his business.

I agree that TaxMasters got what they deserved.

Love the guy knitting on the horse! And interesting advice about dealing with depression. At least it wouldn't be costly, however time-consuming. "Pornogami" is pretty funny, too. Lots of good advice books there. {g}

Lady DR said...

I'm a bit befuddled by the first article, but I guess whatever works form whomever.

TaxMasters should be hung by their thumbs, along with others like them. I've heard some ads on local radio, but haven't paid any attention to them. Pat, interesting about the guy who tested various preparers. Also interesting that the more they charged, the smaller the refund.

Love the "how-to" books. There were several that made me giggle, which is a good thing, since I've been tracking down "dba" info and been hold forever with our illustrious Dept of Revenue (and still don't have a live body).

William J. said...

Hi Pat

The one time I did quit breathing I didn't see white light, I did see the vision of an angel and felt a tremendous amount of peace when I woke up. Sort of like a dream.

The IRS actually has conducted a study like the one you mentioned. And there were something like twenty-one different answers to the same tax situation and a variation of fees. CPAs charge more because they have more educational and licensing requirements. 40 hours of education a day and it runs about $300 per eight hours. It also doesn't surprise me that CPAs have a higher tax result because of the education they probably know the law a little better than somoe of the preparers that aren't even required to have a license. As to me I probably come up with a lower tax because I believe your tax return should be the first offer in a period of negotitations (sp) T

I would never even think about knitting while riding a horse! The self help books just made me laugh.
Pornogami was one of my favorites.


William J. said...


I went back and forth on the first article from being befuddled to being sure what he was saying.

Companies like Taxmasters give good CPAS and EAS bad names. It makes it hard for us to give good advice when there are crooks out there taking advantage of unsuspecting taxpayers.

I've heard tell that if you hit "0" during a conversation a live body will come on. I've tried and it works about half the time.

The How To Books just made my day so I had to share them.