Sunday, April 29, 2012

Updates Around The Blog.

Some updates from around the blog.

In case you missed the message that Snug posted on the blog a while back here it is:

"thank you, everyone, for all your kindness in my time of need. Les came home today. They wanted to discharge him as he is medically OK, just unstable on his feet, but his leg strength will come back in time. "

It has been a long battle and whe are happy the news is good. I'm still praying for Snug and her family that life gets easier.

As good as Snug's update is, is as bad as Kaye's update is. Her boy friend had briain surgery and here is some of a recent e-mail she sent me:

"News on Dave isn't what we were hoping for. He was diagnosed with a grade IV glioma. That's the worst of the worst. It's an aggressive brain tumor that originates in the brain. It seems to happen mostly with men age 60 and over. The surgery was successful, however the grade IV glioma always leaves microscopic cells behind. These are what starts to grow again. If Dave was to chose not to do anything, average life expectancy would be 8 - 9 months. After meeting with a chemo and radiation oncologist, they both told him that since his overall health is good, he should tolerate the treatments well and life expectancy is more like 2 - 4 years.
Dave started radiation therapy last week and will start chemo next week. The radiation will be for 6 weeks, every Monday thru Friday. The chemo is a pill he will take M - F one week a month. He does have some residuals from the surgery: mostly, he can't read. So he's going to speech and language therapy sessions once a week. He has like a blind spot on the right side of both eyes, so when he tries to read and as he glances from left to right, the letters just blur out or disappear. This is starting to get a little better, but if it's still an issue in a few weeks, we are to see a binocular specialist. "

All my good vibes, good thoughts, and prayers go out to Kaye and Dave and their families.

The follow two pictures are of my niece (my sister's daughter) and her son.

My niece is the one that is the morning news anchor at the CBS affliate in Dallas, Texas. She got word that they probably weren't going to renew her contract when it comes up in October. There is still a chace they may renew it but the waring is there. So some prayers and good thoughts her direction would be appreciated.

Spencer played in the SMU spring football game yesterday. He is second string Defensive End as a red shirt freshman. He was a walk on which means he doesn't have a scholarship. If he stays second string or movies to first string any time during the 2012 football season they would put him on scholarship. He played really well yesterday. However, good thoughts that he continues to play well, avoids injury, and lands a scholarship would be appreciated.

I'm sending good vibes and good thoughts Pat's way that her shoulder improves and that her overall health improves. Prayers got DR's way for a safe and rewarding trip to Arizona. And of course Dona's also gets our warm fuzzies for her and The Shankster. The Satellite Sisters announced on one of their shows a few weeks ago, that their dad is suffering from demaential Prayers, good thoughts, and good vibes go out their way also.

As to me I am surviving. My heart issues seem to be improving but they still want me to do the darn tests. The last couple of days I cooked some dynamite lunches and dinners for Mom & the caregiver. I will do that again today. The tomorrow starts three nights at Mom's. I will try very hard to do a blog entry each day but it may be hit and miss on the blog.

The blog is now yours. Update me on your life. Post anything you damn well please. Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Whew! Yes, I saw Snug's message and continue to keep her and her family in prayer.
Kaye and Dave have been in my daily prayers, as I wasn't sure when his surgery was. I had so hoped for better news and will keep both of them in my prayers and hope the chemo and radiation work, with no nasty side efx. That buys more time for them to develop more treatments. What a path they've been on.
Yes, prayers they renew your niece's contract or that she gets an even better offer. Also good vibes for Spencer, football and the scholarship. Dona & hubby remain in my prayers.
Glad to hear your heart issues are improving, but I I agree the tests are still a good idea. Gee, you wanna come back here and cook for us? Himself would probably enjoy an old-fashioned home cooked meal. Lately, we eat whatever I throw together or he grills.
The week has been mostly trip planning, preparations and dealing with client inquiries. Car is serviced and ready to go, gathering various items one often tends to forget at the last minute, so they're out in plain site. Considering clothes for the "layered" look, as days are between 85 and 100 degrees, nights are low to mid-sixties. Every time I think I have the exits for bathrooms, dog walks, food and motels established, the route gets adjusted, with everyone concerned I'll be safe and not have construction and so forth. Geez, if the GPS works, how tough can it be to get from "A" to "B?" It's interesting that I have no maps for returning from Phoenix to OK so far - is there a message there? (wry s) Have decided not to bathe Scamp, but take her to the groomer Thursday and let Tony do her thing. Much easier and she'll be all set to "wow" the folks out west (G - proud Mama speaking). Did get in a little time on the cancer book. Do have craft projects gathered up. What with those and dog stuff and the computer stuff, Deb's going to think I'm moving in for six months, even though I'm only taking two small suitcases of clothes and the like.
OH - Deb asked Mom what she wanted to do for her birthday and Mom wants to go to a casino! The plan is to gamble for a couple hours, enjoy dinner, catch a couple lounge shows, depending on how Mom holds up. She's not had a good week, so we're all hoping for the best. She sounded quite excited about it, when we talked earlier today.

Bill, take care of yourself and Mom and we'll look for you here when we see you. Your first test is Thursday, right? I'm hoping to have wi-fi at Deb's (and figure out how to set it up), but there are no guarantees.

dona said...

HI Bill, and Yes I also have seen Snug's message and have tried to keep in touch with her as well. I worry she is going in different directions with both L needing her as well as her dad. So I still send her some good vibes and support.

Also Kaye and Dave will be in my prayers, it sure was sounding like better news after the surgery, I hope he can do well with this new treatment.

I hope you can continue doing good Bill, and hope your tests prove that all is well. They are a pain in the backside most days, but if they warn you of a problem that can be turned around, its worth it. We need you here with us....although don't worry about posting every day, we know where you are and what you are doing/:)

DR, I hope you get all your things organized for your trip(sounds like you are good to go),it honestly sounds like you will have a great time. Maybe you can come by and pick me up? :)

Thanks also for all your prayers and thoughts my way. The Shankster and I appreciate them all.

Pat said...

Lots of good wishes for Kaye and her Dave. What an awful thing!

And good wishes for all the others you mention, as well. Including your tests and, well, moi. {g}

Sorry to hear your niece's contract probably won't be renewed. I'll hope for the best for her. Is she unattached enough that she can move to another market?

William J. said...


Thanks for keeping everyone in your prayers. I wasn't sure either when Dave's surgery was. So it was nice to hear from Kaye. I just wish the news was better.

All the signs that caused the heart concerns have disappeared but I will still take the first test but am wavering on the second test. I just don't think I am up to it.

I would have anticipated trip planning was high on the to do list with the trip so close. Don't forget to dress for the trip there as well as when you arrive, you probably will go through all kinds of weather on the way. I do think I'd buy a map just for self-protection. I think putting Scamp in the hands of the groomer is the smart thing. Glad you got some time in on the book. I love the idea of your mom going to a casino!
Fun times with good food and you can strike it rich. Sorry your mom had a bad week, I think just seeing you will make her better.

As to me you are right Thursday is the first test but I won't get the results until the 23rd.


William J. said...

Hi Dona

Hope all is well with you and The Shankster.

Snug does have her plate full and having the responsibility of two men certainly isn't easy.

I know Kaye and Dave appreciated the prayers. I don't know if I could deal with what they are going through.

Thanks for the encouragement!


William J. said...

Hi Pat

What Dave and Kaye are going through just breaks my heart.

My niece is free as a bird to go to another market but her son is at SMU which is in Dallas and she would like to be near him.

Truly, Pat I think of you everyday and while I know you don't do the prayer thing I do close my eyes and send vibes toward LA.