Monday, April 16, 2012

Good Monday

Off to my last day of work for a while maybe I will finish by noon and go to a movie. Since I am in a good mood lets do good stories today:

Children stories are often charming:

Celebrities you probably haven't heard of doing good things are often charming:

And what about truck drivers stepping up to the plate:

Comment Away.


Pat said...

Couldn't get the first video. It got hung up somewhere in the "loading" process.

Nice of the (former) football player to take the girl to her prom. There seems to be a fair amount of that going on.

That truck driver is sort of a highway angel, I'd say. Either that or the unluckiest guy in the world. So smart of him to get prepared after the first time he lucked (or unlucked) into being a midwife.

Bill, I hope today is a relaxing day for you and that you manage to get to that movie.

Lady DR said...

Here's hoping you finished at noon and were able to unwind with a movie.

Great stories! Love the letters to God. Kids do have a tendency to 'nail it' quite often.

Kudos to the football player. I think there are a lot of folks like Trent who do "small" things quietly. There's a guy who was with the Dolphins, when we lived in FL. He did great stuff, but he never advertised it, so to speak. Some Tampa reporter got wind on one thing he did and began investigating. Poor player was embarrassed to pieces, as he never considered all the things he did for schools and teen boys and at-risk kids to be anything other than what any person would do.

The trucker story renewed my faith. All my life, I've trusted truckers, based on the guys who drove the stock trucks when we shipped cattle, the truckers at truck stops, when I was doing the Mpls -> IL drives and the guys who watched out for us when Deb and I went cross country in 1978. Some of the more recent "cowboys" and aggressive drivers have kind of dented that image, but this guy renews it.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

It ended up being a busy morning. I finished up by two thirty. Which was OK since the bought us lunch. I didn't go to a movie though, I will do that tomorrow. I ran a couple of errands for Mom and then went to downtown Portland to see where the cruise the firm is going on Saturday boards. I wanted a heads up so I'm not scrambling to look for parking at the last minute.

I am sorry that you and AOL videos just don't get along.

One of the reasons the football player wants to take the gal to the prom is his mom has cancer. I hope he goes high in the draft.

The truck driver is cool. Which I had then guts he did.


William J. said...


Movie tomorrow off to late to go today. And my eyes need a rest.

The letters to God were charming, funny, and like you said right on.

I think doing small things quietly is the way to go because then it is done from the heart and not for publicity.

We also used to rely on truckers when we took trips. They were always kind, good drivers, and very helpful I remember once in a blizzard when a truck driver told Dad, "just follow me." And Dad did. We both made it safely to our destinations. And you are right the current group of truckers are nothing like they used to be.