Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's Shaking

Since Tuesday is such a boring day I decided to try to shake things up a bit:


If the ground moving doesn't shake things up how doctors not moving:


Still not shook up? Maybe this will prank will shake you up a bit:


Comment Away.


Pat said...

Interesting stuff about the quakes. I've heard speculation about "fracking" causing geological problems, and I wish they wouldn't do it here for all sorts of reasons, that being only one among them.

We didn't show up in the doctors' wait time article, but our average wouldn't say much. Some doctors call me in right away, some others make me cool my heels for over an hour. You can guess which ones I try to avoid or have just stopped seeing at all.

I didn't get the video of the prank, if there was one, but the description sounds really funny.

Lady DR said...

I'm on the fence on the report on gas/oil exploration causing quakes, particularly after all my hears in AK. I think we need a lot more historical information and research.

Doctor's wait times are all over the map here, both from my experience and the time Mom was here. I've learned to just assume they're going to happen and take knitting projects with me. With my internist, I don't mind too much, if I have to wait, because I know she takes time to talk with patients and explore issues. Same with the chiro, on the rare occasions I have to wait. With the optho, I do think she overbooks. I just try to always have a project or a book with me, anytime I go to a doctor.

I kinda missed the point of the video, but it was fun to watch.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I didn't even know what fracking was was before now. I just wish everyone would be more careful with the Earth.

We didn't show up either and most of our doctors are pretty good. Sometimes you are stuck and can't avoid the slackers.

The prank was pretty funny. Reminds me of a class project when I was in college that most likely wouldn't be allowed now. Somebody came into class and shot someone who faked death. Afterward the asked the class what they saw and there were as many different answers as there were students.


William J. said...


I guess I am not on the fence with the gas/oil report. I think to often we try to do things when we really don't know the danger or the harm we are causing Mother Earth.

I always take a book to read during a doctor's appointment. Mine or Mom's. Even though our doctors are pretty good there is always an exception. Overbookking is annoying on so many levels.

The video was just college kids having fun and a teacher going along with it.


Pat said...

A propos a running conversation I'm having and some things in the news lately, I think a prank where somebody shoots somebody and they play dead would not be a good idea, at least not in some states with lax gun laws. Another student might well decide to be a hero and pull out a gun and shoot the "bad guy" for real without waiting for the punchline.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

The college didn't allow guns on campus and special permission was required for the prank. And the gun was filled with blanks. The victim acted and used ketchup.