Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Disturbing

Enjoyed the day yesterday sort of a combination of a day off and doing chores. I did go to The Hunger Games. Not a bad movie just to long. Plus it was kind of unrealistic because the troops didn't rebel. Today a little more rest and a little more work on my own taxes. Taxes are always disturbing so we are doing disturbing stores today.

Up first if more for Moms and parents to worry about:

How stupid is this game? Why kids would want to play this game is beyond me.

Next up is another disturbing story:,0,6675749.story

Another story said she was released but it has be the dumbest move of all time to lock her up in the first place.

Now on to a dumb move by a law enforcement officer;_ylt=AqCTDs45thIMNWZyF.cfjECs0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTNtZTZwZnNqBG1pdANUb3BTdG9yeSBGUARwa2cDMzhmNzkzNTQtZjg1MS0zNGFmLTg4OGQtYzFjNTBmYzQ1OTk2BHBvcwMxMARzZWMDdG9wX3N0b3J5BHZlcgNiODBkNmQ4MC04MGIxLTExZTEtYjI1Zi02NzVkN2I3YzA2MmU-;_ylg=X3oDMTFrM25vcXFyBGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDBHBzdGNhdAMEcHQDc2VjdGlvbnMEdGVzdAM-;_ylv=3

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Pat said...

That choking game thing is horrifying. I'm so glad we didn't have such pastimes when I was a kid, nor did my daughter's generation. It's a scary thing to be a parent now. Not that it wasn't always, but it seems like a new layer has been added to normal parent fears.

I agree with the girl's attorney. It's unbelievable that they put a rape victim in custody. Of course she should testify. If they know they have the right guy, she should help put him away. But... what if she has been threatened by his friends? It's a common plot on cop shows, and makes you wonder what you'd do. The cops can't really protect you if somebody wants to get you badly enough. I suppose what I'd do would depend on just who did the threatening and how credible they were. And also how angry I was at the perpetrator (of whatever I had witnessed or suffered).

As to the last story, good grief! Bad judgment there, for sure. And more embarrassment for the LA County Sheriff's Dept. Sigh.

Lady DR said...

The choking game has been around a long time. Some version of it was around when I was in high school, as I recall, but it wasn't common or anything any of my friends even considered.

Kids think they're invincible. Kids think it's a "fun thing" for a temporary high and, since it doesn't involve drugs, it's okay. I think education is a key. I don't think the kids have any idea they may be damaging brain cells, as the least, and playing with death at the worst. And I read what YouTube said, but if that's their policy, they're obviously incapable of implementing/enforcing it, given the number of videos available. I also agree with the contention that a great many supposed suicides may well be the result of the choking game.

So, we have a minor, who's a victim of rape, and we put her in jail to make sure she testifies. There's a lot of information missing here. Has she threatened not to testify? If so, she's going to be a hostile witness, especially if she's been threatened. Where are her parents in this? If they want to be sure she testifies, why not put her under the equivalent of "house arrest," use a monitor bracelet/anklet, provide some sort of surveilance (sp?) drivebys? Rape victims often don't report the crime or refuse to testify, because too many courts and attorneys try to show it was "their fault" or "they invited it." It has to be particularly frightening for a young lady of her age.

As to the last story - I think we're back to you can't fix stupid. Sigh.

Lady DR said...

Oh, meant to comment - interesting you find doing your own taxes disturbing!

William J. said...

Hi Pat

We didn't have choking games when I was a kid either just sandlot baeball and football. Games like that even if you try not to play it there is so much peer pressure. I agree that there is so much more to being a parent now than before.

The girl is seventeen even if she wasn't threatened by the rapist friends she is probably scared stiff. There has to be better ways to go about this than jailing the girl. Let her testify by video.

Taking a prisoner golfing is grounds for firing in my book.


William J. said...


I must have been a clueless studen because I sure don't remember the choking game. You are right Kids do think they're invincible. And education is the key. I would also had parental and teacher awareness.

The rape victim didn't show up for two previous court proceedings which is what led to the arrest. I just think there are better ways to arrest the girl. She is only seventeen for goodness sake. I don't even like the monitoring thing, it is to much like she is a prisoner and she is victim not a perp. I would like her testfying by video. Facing the rapist could be really traumatic for her.

And I am sure the officer's training didn't include how to take prisoners golfing.


William J. said...


I always think my own taxes are disturbing because I am never sure how aggresive to be and I have options. Like what % of auto to take for instant. It is easy for me to guide others not so easy for me to guide myself.