Friday, April 20, 2012

It's My Turn

It is now my turn to ask for prayers, good vibes, and good thoughts. Mom & I had our annual heart doctor appointment. Mom is fine. However, they detected an abnormality in my heart. I have two upcoming tests. An echocardiogram on 5-3 and a nuclear stress test on 5-7. If I said I wasn't scared I would be lying. So I'm pleading for your prayers and good thoughts.

I am tackling a tough subject today, bullying. I cannot recommend the movie BULLY enough. It should be required viewing for every teacher, every school administrator, and every student from the age of six on up.

Here is someone that took a stand:

And here is a school that is clueless:

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Pat said...

Oh, Bill, sorry to hear your news. Of course you're scared. It's always scary when the see "something" and want a bunch of tests. I'm sending lots of good wishes and vibes for good test reports. At least the echo lets you see right then what they're seeing, if they're nice enough to let you. I wonder why they call it a "nuclear" stress test. I just looked it up and don't see any relation to nuclear medicine. But whatever, I'm sure you're not looking forward to it. Let us know when the tests will happen so we can concentrate all the good vibes.

I probably won't see the Bully movie, as I have no dog in that fight any more. But I do know it's a serious problem, and I have nothing but sympathy for kids who get bullied. I wonder if that school suspended both kids, not just the one who fought back.

Lady DR said...

Oh, Bill, sorry to hear about the abnormality, but glad to hear they're doing tests quickly, to determine if there's a problem. Of course you're scared. Being told anything is "abnormal," then having to wait for tests and test results is scarey for all of us. I'll be sending extra prayers and positive vibes on the 3rd and 7th. (Hugs!)

Bullying has, from what I read and hear, reached epidemic levels around the country, starting off in the lower grades, and it seems it's escalated in terms of the techniques. Name calling is bad enough, but too often it gets physical. Yes, schools and teachers need to be more proactive, but when you look at the student-teacher ratios in many schools and the fact incidents often happen before and after school, it's going to take more than that. Kids need be able to report bullying, with the knowledge something will be done and knowing they won't suffer retaliation and I'm not sure how you accomplish that, unless you get parents involved in the responsibility.

Kudos to Orz for making the video, showing adults just what bullying is like from a child's point of view and getting it out for people to see. I like his day of silence and hope it picks up and takes off.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

The nuclear test is one where they inject a dye into your heart so they can watch it travel through your heart to see blockages. It is a four hour process. You do the treadmill without the dye. Then you eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because there is something about peanut butter that makes the dye easier to see.


William J. said...


Thanks for the prayers and good thoughts. They are appreciated and needed.

Bullying has become epidemic. Everywhere and goes all the way through school. It has reached the stage where students are dying.

Schools are not staffed properly but the bone I have to pick with schools, teachers, and administrator is that when bullying is reported to them they often ignore it the reports until it gets way out of control. That is where education comes in, we need to educate everyone about bullying.

I also hope the day of silence catches on because it would result in more awareness.


Mary said...

Ah, Bill, just when life was getting manageable. I am sending all the good thoughts and prayers I can muster in your direction. Please let me know if you need anything.

snugpug said...

Love, good thoughts and prayers winging their way to you.

And thank you, everyone, for all your kindness in my time of need. Les came home today. They wanted to discharge him as he is medically OK, just unstable on his feet, but his leg strength will come back in time.

Ellen said...

Oh, Bill, I am sorry to hear the news. How scary! I am hoping it is just a scare and I am sending prayers, vibes, and good thoughts.

William J. said...

Hi Mary

Just need what you are already sending. Prayers and good thoughts.
Kind of a weird thing but I slept the last last night than I have for a while so all of your prayers are calming be down!


William J. said...

Hi Snugh

Thanks for the Love, good thoughts and prayers. They are appreciated.

And the good news aboout Les helps! I am glad he is home and I hope that takes a little bit of burden off of you.


William J. said...

Hi Ellen

Thanks for your vibes, prayers, and good thoughts. They are appreciated. I am hoping it is just a scare also.


dona said...

Bill, so sorry to hear your news.

Shankster says to not worry so much about it, he thinks its just Hawaiian disease...(lackanookie) (Shankster's words he lived in Hawaii for a while, not me) :)

But he did have the nuclear test done twice but he wasn't so lucky to get the PB&J sandwich so hopes you fare at that better than he did. He says the treadmill is a piece of cake he would do that any day. He says if you have any patience take it with you, as it is a long process, which wears on your mind, but thinks you will be just fine and hopefully, all is well and this is just one of those things where they need some tests to make sure all is well.

So we are both saying some prayers and shooting good thoughts your way. Keep us informed.

William J. said...

Hi Dona

I would settle for Hawaiian disease! I like Shankster's attitude.

I am surprised they didn't give him the sandwich. This will be my third test and they made me eat a peanut butter sandwich each time.
They already told me it will be four hours so I am taking a book or a computer!

Thanks for the prayers! Needed and appreciated.