Friday, April 13, 2012


Which means the fear of Friday The Thirteenth. Should we be extra careful today?

I have just the potion for you to make sure you make it through the day:

So are you going to join me in putting your clothes on backwards?

I am closing with some good luck:

Some of the articles were a little old but each had information in them. I hope you enjoyed the history of the dreaded Friday the 13TH.

Comment Away.


Pat said...

Oh, dear, something to worry about today--that it's Friday the 13th. But since it's a rainy day and I have no pressing obligations, I hope I'll be safe just hanging around the house today.

I see from the other article that walking in the rain is a good preventative for 13th disaster. So... maybe later, just a little bit. Right now it doesn't look very appealing. My clothes are already on, right side out, so I don't think I'll change. If I go for that rainy walk, I shall avoid cracks in the sidewalk as much as possible, though our sidewalks have a LOT of cracks. I can cross my fingers for a while when I stop typing, and knocking on wood is easy, so let's hope I'm protected today. Hope everyone else here is, too.

Nice that at least eight good things happened on a Friday the 13th. {s}

dona said...

I sure wish someone would have reminded me of the date today...I would not have taken my car in to get it repaired.....:( I don't need any more bad news.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

And th ninth good thing is after an incident in the morning with my coffee pot I survived farily well.

And I hoped you enjoyed your walk in the rain! That it lead to a stress free Friday! Uncross your fingers now and enjoy the weekend!


William J. said...

Hi Dona

Ouch I hope the car didn't result in more bad news, you have enough on your plate.


Pat said...

I should have taken that walk in the rain. On Friday 13th, I somehow managed to hurt my shoulder while wrestling a big comforter into the washing machine. Should have just stayed in bed!

William J. said...

Ouch Pat

I hope the shoulder gets better. When I do something like that I used pain patches.