Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday, Sunday.

I honestly didn't realize how tired I was until I got up this morning. Maybe now that it is almost over my body is speaking to me. I haven't really had a day off since February 7. Tuesday will be the first and I am going to try to sleep in! I didn't meet my goal of doing one hundred returns at the firm but I came damn close. I think I would have made the goal if they would have given me a few more returns. I will say that in the four years that I have been there this is the best staff that they have had. We did more work than last year, with less stress, and fewer people. I do think next tax season will be harder because of Amy going to the Army. I hope my lottery winnings come in before then.

I received a couple of updates from Snug. Here is the first one:

"The good is that he moved to the rehab facility today, and all's well. It's a matter of time for him to get back on his feet and I'll have to be patient. The bad is that my dad started acting up. Phoned me and demanded that I place him in a home because "nobody looks after him" (he knows very well Les is in hospital). The ugly is that he pulled out his NG tube so mum had to take him to hospital to get one inserted. Do old men regress into small children when wives/daughters are already maxed out? I'm actually tempted to put him into a few weeks' respite care, if only to give my mum a break. "

Sound familiar? Seems like we had a blog post a while back that when our parents reach a certain age they change for giving folks to selfish ones and the only thing they really care about is if their needs are met. This to shall pass.

Then better news followed today:

"Sometimes, it makes me frightened what I'll be like when I'm old. After all, my dad is half my gene pool! As it is now, with Les's medical issues, I'm taking a hard look at middle age, and it aint pretty. But we did have a good weekend. The rehab facility gave him "home leave" because there's no physio on Saturday afternoons and Sundays, and he proved to them that he could go to the loo on his on, and could walk a few steps to transfer between wheelchair and seat, wheelchair and loo, that sort of thing. So he went home on Saturday afternoon, and he doesn't have to be back at the facility until Sunday evening. He was very happy to be home, and the dogs were very happy to see him. Queeni (she's daddy's girl) hasn't left his side."

Love the loyal dog. And getting old isn't for sissys.

Keep Adi in your prayers.

Now the blog is yours. Post whatever you damn well please. Share anything you want to. Vent. Update us. Just post something so I know you are alive!


"Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job." Franklin P. Jones


Lady DR said...

I'm not surprised you're exhausted, after the marathon you've been running. I can't imagine doing 100 tax returns-one is more than enough.

Thanks for the update on Snug.Keeping her and family in my prayers. I think the one week respite care option is a good one for her to consider, for herself and her mom. So glad her husband was able to come home for a day or so.

Have you heard anything from Kaye? Isn't Dave due to have another procedure soon?

It's been a busy week of more research, but I'm finally beginning to feel like I'm getting some answers and am ready to settle down and do the revisions and updates on the book, especially if life will quit interfering (wry g). Our "excitement" for the week was appliance research and shopping. The dryer died Thursday night. Good news is, it held out for all the clothes, but the towels did it in. A fair amount of research told me what I wanted in features and what I did *not* want to spend. We headed out to kick tires at three stores and never got past Home Depot, where we were lucky and got a really knowledge guy, whose first questions were, "What do you want, what's your budget?" In the process of explaining dryer energy usage, he explained about washers. We have no idea how old either appliance is, our best guess being something over 25 years. And the washer hadn't been draining properly. And HD was having a sale and we got another 10% off for using the HD credit card we never use. Bottom line, new washer (energy efficient) and dryer will be delivered Thursday. Himself hauled the old ones out to the back porch (HD will take them away) and I was somewhat appalled by what was under/behind them. I now have the cleanest laundry room in the county! Obviously, we take our excitement where we find it (shrug). Cross your fingers the stove continues holding up. We know it's at least thirty years old and one oven isn't accurate, but I love the old thing, with it's two ovens and the "counter" space on the range top. I do not love the fact a mid-range stove costs more than the washer and dryer together.

Otherwise, a pretty routine week of standard activities. Oh, I did go through closets and drawers and such, sort out two large bags of clothing to go to the Mission and brought in summer clothes/hauled out winter clothes, left a "transition" drawer, in case the weather goes flakey now or in the fall. Two large bags for the Mission, which makes me feel good.

Pat said...

I'm glad Snug's husband will get a little at home time, and the respite care thing for her dad sounds like a very good idea.

As to you, Bill, no wonder you're exhausted. And no wonder they love you. 100 returns? Sheesh! It wears me out just trying to read one that's been done for me.

I took today to just hang out because I not only hurt my shoulder, I hurt my back at the same time. So I'm just hobbling around the house and hoping for better tomorrow. It's better from morning till tonight, so I do have hope.

William J. said...


I guess I am surprised that I didn't feel how tired I am before now. Today is going to be relazxing unless they assign me more damn tax returns.

I agree with the one week respite care would give her a break and her dad a dose of reality.

I haven't heard from Kaye but will check with her later this week, I think the update appointment was the last week in April.

Your research is bearing real fruit winning the grant. Just ignore life until the book is done because it really is needed.

Damn on the dryer. They always seem to go at the wrong time. Home Depot is always the first place I go. There guys are not on commission so that doesn't but them in a force sale mode, more an information mode. I think it was smart to replace both the washer and dryer as most likely the old ones were bought at the same time and if the dryer went out the washer most likely isn't far behind. I moved my fridge lately and like you was appalled what was under it, just a lesson that when I clean I need to do a better job.
I will keep the stove in my prayers.

Cleaning out the closet is always a good emotional cleansing process. And giving to people in need is always a good feeling.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

Ouch on your back. I am wondering if maybe you shouldn't go to the doctor and have it checked.

I'm glad Snug's husband will get a little at home time, and the respite care thing for her dad sounds like a very good idea.

I used to do over four hundred returns when I was in my own office but I didn't have the diffuclt system they do. Mine was pretty easy and I could do several in a day. Their system I average about one and a half a day. I will admit there were a lot of "wows" from the partners this year when I finised the returns so fast.