Sunday, October 2, 2011

An Elite Sunday

Hope you guys are having a great Sunday. I decided I didn't really want to go out to breakfast with the boys today so I am having a very unhurried relaxing Sunday morning. Just finished the morning paper and now am doing my blog entry.

Yesterday when I was shopping at Safeway I was in the checkout line when the manager pulled my aside. "Mr. Dahn we appreciate your business. You are considered a Safeway "elite shopper" and here is a coupon for a free loaf of Artesian French bread." Am I spending to much money at Safeway? An elite shopper, that means they have to be nice to me, right?

Since this is kind of a relaxing Sunday with kind of rainy weather outside it is what I call a reading day. However, I guess I am not supposed to read books that are on the following list:;_ylt=Ag59EtpxpLNkoQ0QeVwUjDSs0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTNtdHBxYTFkBG1pdANUb3BTdG9yeSBGUARwa2cDOTQ5NDg3YTctZTYxZS0zODgxLTg5YmUtMGQ3YTMwN2VjOWZjBHBvcwMxNARzZWMDdG9wX3N0b3J5BHZlcgNhMDY3NzhhMC1lNGE0LTExZTAtYjUyZi1lMDUzZDMzYjIxYWY-;_ylg=X3oDMTFpNzk0NjhtBGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDBHBzdGNhdANob21lBHB0A3NlY3Rpb25z;_ylv=3

Are you surprised by any of the books on the list? I am surprised by all of them because I just don't think any books should be banned.

The weather is supposed to perk up later today so open houses are on the agenda.

It looks like if I become an elite lottery winner I will be moving to Paradise Valley, Arizona or the Southern California coast.

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Mary Z said...

Maybe we should ban the "banned book list". Naw, I still want folks to be able to read whatever they want to read - as long as I'm accorded the same privilege. 8^)

Pat said...

I'm impressed! Congratulations on being an elite shopper! Yes, that means they have to be nice to you, and I hope you enjoyed the French bread.

I always love those banned books lists. Of that list, I've read Brave New World, Hunger Games, Nickel and Dimed, which I'd recommend for everyone to read, and the first book of the Twilight series. I wouldn't ban any of them, though some were much better than others.

Banning a book about two male penguins incubating an egg is just too entirely stupid to even comment upon. When push comes to shove, I'll just agree with Mary Z.

I'd like the Tahoe house, and the Manhattan Beach one just because it's on the beach and in this general area, though $24 mil is just a tad steep for 3 bed/2ba. I guess I'll stay with the Tahoe house for a mere $21 mil.

Lady DR said...

Congrats on the "elite" status (G). I wonder if you'll get a coupon a week.

I'm not in favor of banning books, as it's entirely subjective. The only ones who should have that option are parents, IMHO. In the Dark Ages, when I was a kid, we might try to check a book out of the library and have to wait until the librarian cleared it with our parents, but that was the extent of censorship

Himself would go for the lush Tahoe estate, with the six-car garage he could turn into a shop. I didn't see anything I couldn't live without. And what the heck do you do with 11 or 14 bathrooms?

William J. said...

Hi Mary Z

I like the idea of banning the banned book list. And I am with you let people read whatever they want and let me do the same.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

Thank you for the congratulations. The French Bread was delicious, right out of the oven.

I think everyone should read all the banned books on the list so they can see how stupid the choices are. And banning the books about the penquins is more than stupid.

But if you win the lottery 24 million is just chump change.


William J. said...


Thanks for the conrats. I'm kind of hoping I get more than one coupon a week!

It looks like all of us don't want to ban books. We are in complete agreement as the ones that should ban books for their kids are the parents.

Both Pat and Himself went for the Tahoe estate but they have really crappy winters which is why I didn't choose it. You have to close at least a couple the bathrooms so you wouldn't spend most of your life cleaning bathrooms.