Wednesday, October 19, 2011


At Mom's today looking forward to dinner out and fixing lunch for her at home. Most likely a few games of Scrabble are in there somewhere. Today on the blog we are talking about firings. People that should be fired and people that shouldn't have been fired.

First up someone should be fired. Who cares where the money came from? Look how many people a half of million could help?

Next up is man that should have never been fired, instead he should have been celebrated for serving his country:

Next up I'm not sure if the guy should have been fired or not. His explanation doesn't make sense. Also remember Walmart lost a major lawsuit that cost them millions for not paying overtime.

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Emily Dickenson authored yesterday's quote. "The kind of beauty I want most is the hard-to-get kind that comes from within -- strength, courage, dignity" was authored by an actress born in Cleveland, Ohio and grew up in Harlem in New York City. She began acting in high school and continued at Hunter College. She played on Broadway in 1946 and has acted in movies, plays, radio, and television in a variety of roles. She received critical acclaim. She has been active in civil rights causes, including being active in the NAACP, SCLC, and CORE. She was married to actor Ossie Davis from 1948 until his death in 2005. They raised three children. Have you ever heard of THE JACKIE ROBINSON STORY? Do you think there was THE PERFECT AGE OF ROCK 'N ROLL? Find out about those two hints and you can tell me who authored today's quote.


Pat said...

I don't get who should be fired in the first story, but my candidate would be whoever's running the American Cancer Society.

As to the flag pin, I think both sides are stupid. The hotel for making an issue of it and the employee for not just taking it off during working hours or if he felt naked without it, wearing it someplace invisible to the public. Oh, and you probably read the early version of the story, which had him erroneously identified as a military veteran. Apparently he's not.

And speaking of stupid, what on earth goes on at Target? Their rules sound insane, and they should get proper timeclocks if they're going to watch every second of people's break time. In fact, neither side makes much sense.

Can you tell I'm feeling grumpy this morning?

Lady DR said...

Someone at ACS needs firing, if they're willing to give up half a mil, should the group decide not to donate, if they're not allowed in the relay. Yes, other charitable foundations ARE allowed. Much as I hate cancer and support efforts to find a cure, I will admit to withdrawing support from the ACS, after I took a look at their financials and the amount of money that went to administrative costs.

In the second instance... I can see both sides of the story. Yes, a company probably needs some guidelines or goodness knows what kind of pins and other such might appear. However, pins supporting our nation and our troops... I think the more support we show, the better. I really don't know where I'd jump on this one. The HD pin might have been taken as having religious overtones, but I can't figure out the issue with the guy at the hotel.

The last one. Seems pretty nebulous. I do know that department managers get called away from lunch and other breaks. If they're on hourly pay, I agree the time clocks should let them clock in and out on smaller increments than 30 minutes. I mean, if you lose your lunch break and aren't going to get paid, it may be tough to be patient and kind to customers. And it has to build some resentment on the employee's part. Target is lucky to have a manager who interrupts his break. I know we've had instances when we had to wait around ten or fifteen minutes, because a manager was on break and "couldn't be reached." There really has to be a better system. Did the guy deserve to be fired? Not from what I read in the article. Changing the time clock system seems like a solution to resolving the issue. If his lunch is interrupted, he gets to go back and finish his fully allotted time.

Pat, you're not being grumpy. You're looking at the fact there are some simple fixes and no one seems to see them.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Mom is napping so came home to get my mail and take the time to respond to messages.

The person at the Amcerican Cancer Society that made the decision to refuse the contribution should be sent out the door.

I kind of agree with you about the pin. It sounds more like a battle about control than about the pin.
He easily could have wore the pin like you side out of sight.

The Target rules are insane,

Your aren't grumpy you are just smarter than the people in the articles.


William J. said...


I quite donating to United Way for the same reason you quit donation to ACS.

I'd be fine with banning white power or anti-gay or any pins targeting a group or person. I'd also be fine with banning pins that support causes because you don't know what customers would be offended by that support. Same with political pins. But pins supporting our troops? They would be good to go.

The clocks should be set to let them clock in and out at will. They can control it by reading time cards. I don't think the guy deserved to be fired, maybe a warning and a day suspension and then if he continues a firing.