Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I think I am ready to head out for three days at Mom's including a visit on Thursday from my friend Mark. I've written today's entry and quote question soon to be posted. Tomorrow's entry and quote question set to be posted tomorrow Morning (on the blog you can set posts to be posted at a future date) and Thursday's reminder of no blog entry and quote question to be posted Thursday morning. I haven't done Friday's entry yet but since a relative/client will be visiting Friday morning you may not see an entry on Friday until the afternoon.

Today we are about signs. First up is a sign of our economy:


I don't know about this trend but I think I like it. I am of the opinion that us older dudes and ladies have a much better work ethic than the younger ones and maybe that goes into why we are taking over the temporary jobs.

Next up is a sign that we should all move to South Carolina and bug DR to take us places, especially the place in the following article:


I am going out right now to look for a shovel and a good deal on airline tickets!

Next up is a sign that young kids need to be careful and their parents need to be more aware:


It always makes me angry when scam artists take advantage of the innocent or the elderly.

Comment Away.


Yesterday's quote was authored by Annie Dillard. "We meet no Stranger, but Ourselves." Was an authored by a poet born in 1830 and dying to young in 1886. Reclusive during her lifetime she wrote poetry which she kept private and which was, with few exceptions, unknown until its discovery after her death. Most of the poems were written in just six years, between 1858 and 1864. She bound them into small volumes she called fascicles, and forty of these were found in her room at her death. To find out this famous poet you would have to know that her writings were described as "Bawdy: Shakespeare and Sexual Symbolism." Find out more about that description and you can tell me who authored today's quote.


Pat said...

It's really sad that the job situation is so critical. I'm glad some places are hiring the older workers. I suspect you're right about us oldsters having a better work ethic than many of the young beginners.

Yes, let's all visit DR and pan for gold. I saw a snippet of a news program on tv, with people panning for gold as recreation. I didn't see where it was, but maybe it was DR's back yard.

Stealing a child's SS number is just reprehensible. But so are all the identity theft scams. As technology takes over our lives, it may make a lot of things easier, but it sure does make us all more vulnerable.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Saw your message just before heading out so thought I would respond before leaving.

The job situation just has to get better no if the idiots in congress could just work together to pass a bill to create jobs.

I saw the show about gold mining as a hobby, it was either on 60 Minutes or PBS. But what I got from this article is an it an old fasioned gold rush.

Anyone that steals anyone's identity is scum of the earth and deserves to be put away for most of their life.


Lady DR said...

Interesting articles. I don't think "oldsters" should be guilty about taking jobs that used to go to younger folks. Granted, some of the latter are trying to work their way through college, which makes it a tough call. However, there are so many people over fifty or fifty-five who've been downsized, laid off, put out of work by company closings. "Regular" companies won't hire them because they can't pay what they're worth and the oldsters mess up the actuarial tables for insurance costs. Yet, these people have worked all their lives and suddenly are in a position of having no income, no insurance, many not eligible for SS or medicare. Yes, high school kids are mostly supported by their parents and college kids can often get jobs on campus.

Gee, I hadn't realized we were opening gold mines here. Where has my head been? Hey, anyone who wants to come down/out is welcome to try your hand. You can camp out in the RV, the craft room or the living room (G). I'll have to check out where we go panning... Charleston is about four hours, but other places are closer and we're right on the NC border.

The ID scam is ... I don't have a bad enough word. ID theft at any age is bad enough (as we well know), but who thinks to check for an Equifax account for a toddler or youngster. It sounds like this was a case that stretches back to when the teen was three years old. I don't know of any kids below college age who have credit cards, but those kids sure need to be aware and I think a lot of them probably are. I hope.

William J. said...


I agree oldersters shouldn't feel quilty at all about taking the jobs. Many have lost or had the retirement savings reduced because of the economy and they need to recover it. The young have a lot of time ahead of them we don't.

RV, the living room, and the craft room sounds great to me but you should charge a percentage of the gold we find for rent!

I agree people that would steal from a toddler or the elderly are scum and they need to be hidden away never to see the light of day again. If the teens weren't aware before now, they should be now.