Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sundays Are For?

Sundays are for beautiful pictures:

Sunday's are for young heroes:

Sunday's are for family reunions:

Sundays are for updates:

I pretty much gave you an update on life all week. A short one today. Mom is doing really well this morning so I can breath easy. Today I am kind of relaxing. It is really amazing how exhausting those spells were for me. I just recovered from a visit from Mark and then Mom kind of declined. I am recharging batteries today and just reading and TV surfing.

If you would like to post an update I am all ears. This is your blog day so post whatever you want.

Otherwise comment away.


Lady DR said...

Gorgeous picture! Great story about the four year old and the patience and perseverance of the dispatcher. Reunions always make me happy.

I'm so glad to hear Mom is better!

Slow news week. Got flattened by some kind of "bug," which pretty much put paid to three full days, darn it. Did get some editorial work in and a couple days at the pool, but that was about it. Otherwise, naps, sleep, reading. I think I'm pretty much over it now and hope to return to normal programming tomorrow.

Pat said...

I'm very glad to hear Mom is doing well now. May it continue!

Gorgeous Mt. Rainier photo! Pretty nice rainbow, too. {s} And good for that little boy. With only a cell phone and having just moved in, I'm surprised that at only 4, he could help the dispatcher locate them. Also good for the guy that found his father after so long. What a surprise for dad, huh? {g}

Hope you had a nice day just reading and tv surfing. That was kind of my day, also.

William J. said...


First and foremost I hope you recover from the bug. Maybe you have been going at it to hard and this was a sign that you needed a rest. I hope you can return to normal tomorrow!

The Mt. Ranier period was stunning. The dispatcher was the real hero in my mind. And it was touching that a father and son could reconnect.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

Thanks for the comments re Mom, those bouts scare the heck out of me.

The Mt. Ranier picture is one of my favorites. The 4 year old probably handled the situation better than I would.

I bet the dad almost died of a heart attach when he found out he had a son!

It was a fun day and I actually went on a nice walk for the first time in a while.