Sunday, October 9, 2011

Feeling Like An Update.

I am feeling like an update today so here goes.

Last week: Sunday - Mom to lunch. Monday - hand reflexology from Nancie and dinner afterwards. The reflexology was different but I would have to try it a couple of times before noticing if it helped. Dinner was great. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were at Mom's. Mom & I went to dinner on Tuesday & lunch on Wednesday.
On Thursday my sister and her husband took mom to dinner for Chinese food. They did that because I wanted to get home early in time to watch the Oregon Ducks play the California Bears. Ducks trounced the Bears but lost their best player to injury. Friday it was cleaning house to get ready for my new living room set to be delivered by sister and husband on Saturday. I even got down on my knees and cleaned the kitchen and bathroom floors. Saturday it was mowing the lawn and then help my sister and her husband move stuff around my living room. Here are the pictures. All the lamps, tables and the couch are new. The chair and the love seat are hangovers.

The picture as you enter the house from the front door:

Entering the house from the back door:

Coming up next week. Today is taking her lunch and bringing her out her to see the new arrangement. Then is working on Mom's books. Monday is finisihing the aforementioned books and then do the shopping and taking my bottles back. Tuesday is a movie. Wednesday and Thursday is at Mom's. Thursday night if all the stars align after the day at Mom's Nancie and I are going to the 7:45 PM showing of THE IDES OF MARCH. That really is past my bed time so Friday I will be sleeping in! Saturday it is Mom to lunch.

OK, it has been a while so lets hear your updates. Maybe Dona will check-in. I've been worried about her and The Shanksters.

The blog is now yours. Post anything you damn well please.


Lady DR said...

Love the living room. It looks cozy, comfy and inviting.Hmm, yesterday must have been the day for mopping floors.

I've had the typical round of pool therapy, line dance, editorial work afternoons. Throw in massage therapy and the chiropractor. Domestics. Did go to Ravelers (knitting group) last Saturday and picked up a neat, quick pattern for a hat, which came out well for the Christmas drive, so will make more in adult size. Did garage sales yesterday, first time in months, and got really lucky. Collapsible crate for Scamp, with carry case, some great books, most of which have never been opened, two of which are part of a series I want to investigate, one a Bible study I've been kind of looking for. Next week looks pretty routine, except for the annual physical for me.

I had a quick note from Dona yesterday, asking me to tell everyone hello. They're camped out at the hospital, where the Shankster's brother is in critical condition. Have been there since the 26th, as S refuses to leave, other than a quick trip for fresh clothes on occasion. Apparently he's doing fine. Two other family members ended up in ER during this time, no details. There's no internet at the hospital, so she's been least in sight. All prayers for the brother and for Frank and Dona would be appreciated, she said.

Mary said...

I love the new living room!

I spent the week teaching tax classes and writing my class assignment, which I have finally turned in today. Whew! Next week will be much easier, only two classes to plan and teach and almost no homework.

Sending good wishes to Dona!

Lady DR said...

Posting a test message to see if the photo I added to my profile shows up.

Pat said...

The living room looks great! Good work!

Sorry to hear about the Shankster's brother and other family members. Good vibes coming for them all.

Cute photo of Scamp for your profile, DR!

I've had a busy week with houseguests and this and that, and next week, without guests, looks too darned busy also. I'm looking forward to the week after, when as of now, I have only one thing on my calendar, and it's so unimportant that I can't even remember what it is. So will I be happy to do nothing and relax for that week, or will I be bored? Stay tuned.

William J. said...


Sorry to hear about Dona's problems, I will email her tomorrow to let her know I and all here are thinking of her.

Sounds like a busy week for you!
The Raverlers sounds kind of a hoot. I always like to do garage sales.b What a find at the sales too!

Love the profile picture.


William J. said...

Hi Mary

I really admire you for teaching, I just couldn't do that. I'd be to scared to get up in front of the class. Glad next week will be easier!


William J. said...

Hi Pat

It was good work on the living. My sister and her husband did evertying, I pretty much watched.

Wow you are busy. I do think you will miss your houseguest. But I bent the week after next the first day you will just rest and the second day it will move to boredom.


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