Thursday, October 6, 2011

Going For A Walk.

Third day of playing the dutiful soon. Tomorrow I am going play the lazy son and just stay home all day or go to a movie. Or maybe I will go for a walk:

Eleven years is a long time for a walk but I really admire the man for having a goal and sticking to it.

On the walk I am going to stop by all the police stations on the way and give them a copy of the following article:

This is just tragic. What a way to treat your parents.

On the walk I am not going to mind it if I see prison clean up crews out and about. The ones where the prisoners do their community service. Not only am I not going to mind, I might just feel a little safer:

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Edna Ferber authored yesterday's quote. " I have reached a point in my life where I understand the pain and the challenges; and my attitude is one of standing up with open arms to meet them all." Was authored by a woman born in 1933. She is an American activist. She was the first full-time chairman of the NAACP and is the widow of a murdered civil rights leader. She met him when they were students at Alcorn A&M College in 1950. They married on December 24, 1951, and she left school before finishing her degree. She was the first African-American woman appointed to serve as commissioner on the Los Angeles Board of Public Works. Evers-Williams was chairman of the NAACP from 1995 to 1998. She is credited with spearheading the operations that restored the association to its original status as the premier civil rights organization in America. She is the author, with William Peters, of For Us, the Living (1967) and Watch Me Fly: What I Learned On the Way to Becoming the Woman I Was Meant to Be. Who authored today's quote?


Lady DR said...

Wow, that's a longer walk than I'd attempt! Good for him.

The issue of abuse of the elderly seems to be ongoing. As many of us here know, it can be easily done. As our parents age, we gain more and more responsibility and, at the same time, access to their financial records. Sorry, can't buy off on the idea the money will eventually be theirs anyway - Mom and/or Dad may well need any and all monies for medical expenses or assisted living or nursing care, whatever. I think kids who steal from their parents ought to be hung by their thumbs and left to dry.

Nice post on the prisoner helping with community service and helping others in the process. Good job by the inmate.

Pat said...

I'm always impressed with people who walk those amazing walks, or sail around the world, or swim the channel, or do so many things that would kill me to even think seriously about. I imagine he'll get a pretty interesting book out of it.

I think your planned walk will serve a good purpose, so go to it! And hope the cops take your advice to heart. It's sickening that people would exploit their parents and their kids that way.

Good story about the prisoner-savior guy. I'm glad to see they will knock 3 days off his 45 day sentence for that good deed. I'd give him more free days.

William J. said...


I always like stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things which is why I liked the walking story.

I am with you, kids that steal from their parents ought to be hung by their thumbs and left to dry and let people come by and pound them with sticks.

The prisoner story is an example of not everyone is all bad or all good for that matter.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

I am with you Pat most of those things that you mentioned would kill me to even think about. I am surprised people even try them!

I always wonder two things when I hear stories like the elderly abuse one. Why would children treat parents that way and what kind of parents where they?

I am also glad they knocked three days off of his sentence and like you I would have knocked more off of his sentence.