Saturday, October 29, 2011


I want to ask for prayers and good vibes for Dona and her husband, Frank, also known as The Shankster. His brother passed away on Thursday. I know they would appreciate you keeping them in your thoughts and prayers.

Halloween is Monday. It is the kind of holiday I like some and don't like some. The part I like is handing out candy to the trick or treaters. I hand out the full sized bars because I just love the "wow" reactions of the young ones. The part I don't like is when Halloween is here that means one of my two least favorite days of the years isn't far behind. You know the day? Spring forward, fall back. Next Saturday night is the atrocious night when you turn your clocks back one hour. Aren't you excited?

Speaking of Candy the Oregonian had a candy off. A bracket of all the famous candies play against each other. Want to know what candy won?

Here is how the bracket began:

What is Halloween with out haunted houses?

And just so you feel safe for Halloween here is how to Zombie Proof your house:

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Gro Harlem Brundtland authored yesterday's quote.


Lady DR said...

Dona and Frank know they have my prayers. It's been a horrendous month or more for them.

We don't get trick-or-treaters here, as we're relatively remote. Surprised at Reese peanut butter cups beating out Snickers.

Do NOT like the time change stuff. Why can't we just stick with one time, please? Moving clocks back and forth really doesn't accomplish much of anything. You gain on one end, lose on the other and, in the meantime, royally mess up established body rhythms.

Pat said...

All those things already coming for Dona and Frank. I know it's a hard time for them.

I used to love Halloween, but lately it has just become a major drag. Too many kids all at once and they are grabby little ingrates, a lot of them. This year, I think I'll hide out in the back of the house with the front lights turned off.

And oh, yes, the dreaded changing of the clocks is coming again, too. Yuck. At least I don't have to get up to go to work any more.

Hmmm... I like chocolate/peanut butter, but I'd have thought Snickers would get the votes.

I didn't know the White House was haunted. Now I find out it has multiple ghosts in residence. Who knew? The one in Cleveland looks the part of haunted house most of all. And it's good to have handy hints about zombies in time for Halloween.

William J. said...


Dona visited the blog so I know that she knows we are thinking of her and The Shankster.

I like the getting trick or treaters. They are all so cute.
I thought Snickers would be out the peanut butter cup.

I am with you on the time change. Not only body rhythms but medication sechedules are toast with the change.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

We are kind of lucky here the trick or treaters or fun and aren't to grabby except some of the younger ones but mostly they are well behaved. I like the costumes and their reactions to full sized bars.

As an adovate for the elderly I am against the time change because it effects their medication schedules and it could be really harmful to them. I really don't care if it is daylight savings time or standard time just keep one all year.

I thought Snickers would win too. I like Milky Way and Musketeers better than the winner and I like cinnamon bears that weren't even in the bracket.

I also didn't know the White House was haunted until W was in office. I also liked the one in Cleveland. I have made my house Zombi Proof so I am good to go for Monday.