Sunday, October 23, 2011

Going To Hell

This is what was going on in Seattle Saturday:

I've been told to go to Hell more than once in my life, now I have a map:

What are the odds?

I've updated you all week on my life so I am not doing one today. If any of you would like to do an update I'd not only love to read it, I'd appreciate it. I haven't heard from Dona and when I checked her blog the last entry was July 31,

The blog is now yours, comment away and post anything you damn well please.


Pat said...

So did you go and watch the roller girls, Bill? Or did you follow the advice and go to Hell's website instead? I heard about the identical twins' babies on the radio. I imagine that took a bit of planning! {g}

Lady DR said...

Neat story about the roller bladers and bikers. Did you go watch?

Gee, lots of ways to get to Hell, it appears.

A busy week here. The fun part was Thursday evening, when the Carolina Girlz put on a show for a church convention in No Carolina, including teaching many of those in attendance how to line dance. A good time was had by all. The good news is I ran the newest Norton utility on my computer, it did all kinds of stuff and, on a whim, I tried to start WPMail. Had to go through some further steps BUT, I Have Access to Client Emails and my Contacts! They won't transfer to T-bird, but I have them. What a tremendous relief. Prayer does work, eventually, one way or another. (G)

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Did't go but would have loved to. My car was at the doctor all morning and then the Oregon game was on until 4, I wouldn't have gotten home until midnight so I just kind of kicked back most of Saturday.

The twins hads to coordinate things!


William J. said...


Nop DR didn't go to the bikers went to the Hell website instead.

What a delightful event the Church convention sounds like! I wish I would have been there. Great news about the email!

Yup prayer does work.