Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Good Vibes & Prayers

Has anyone heard anymore from Dona?

This is going to be a very busy week and this Thursday there will not be a blog entry. Thursday my friend Mark is coming down from Vashon Island. He is going down to Palm Springs for a medical checkup with his prostate cancer. After his wife died I was made executor of his estate. He has some safe deposit boxes in the Portland area and he is stopping her to put my name on his safe deposit boxes. He isn't going to stay overnight, just spend the day with Mom and I, take care of business and then head on down the freeway. The last time I talked to him he really didn't sound all that great and I am really worried about him. It will be nice to see him. But Thursday is for him and in my mind he is more important than the blog so no entry on Thursday.

Monday my car goes to the garage. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are at Mom's. Friday a client is coming up from Albany (about 70 miles from here). There will be a blog entry on Friday but it may be in the afternoon.

I am asking for more prayers and good thoughts for a friend. My friend Doug found out Friday that his Mom has late stage colon cancer. His mom is only 70. So anything you can muster to send his and her way is extremely appreciated.

Now on to today's entry.

The following article makes me just shake my head. It really wasn't a story until those in charge made it one by banning an appropriate saying for a fundraiser:

The good thing is that once the story got out people from all over donated to the cheerleaders.

The following article is for dog owners with some advise on how to make your little loved ones safe for Halloween:

That's all for today. If you have any concerns about yourself, your friends or relatives share them here. We are ready with prayers and good thoughts.

Comment Away.


Pat said...

Good wishes and vibes for Mark and for Doug and his mom, too. Take your time and whenever you feel like blogging again, we'll be here.

I'm not sure what to think about either the "I heart boobies" or the "Feel for lumps" t-shirts. I can't say I'm personally offended, but I do sort of think they're in poor taste. If there's anyone in the world unaware of breast cancer by now, they have to be living in a cave.

Probably good advice about Halloween and dogs, but since I no longer have dogs, I only skimmed it. Halloween wasn't a big problem when we had the dogs, but Fourth of July sure was! They were very frightened by all the loud noises. At least my dogs stayed home. The dog next door would jump the fence and run away.

Lady DR said...

Haven't heard from Dona, since last time I posted an update, which suggests to me they're still spending all their time at the hospital and can benefit from continued prayers.

I'm glad Mark's coming down and you'll have time to spend with him. I'd much rather you do that than post a blog entry. He and the other Mark remain in my prayers and I've been wondering how both are doing. Also wondering about those in your own family who are battling cancer. Definitely more prayers for Doug and his mom.

The motto on the tee shirts may be a bit much for some, but given the number of people who've found breast cancer through regular self-examination, I don't find it offensive. It pretty cleverly reminds women of every age of the importance of self-examination and I think the school administrator is way out of line.

Good article on dogs. We don't get trick or treaters out where we are, but we used to have mobs of them in Clearwater. I never dressed Skeeter for Halloween, but she loved kids and never showed any fear of them or the costumes. Usually sat by my feet, while I passed out candy. Spook would likely raise cain every time the bell rang and Scamp would likely hide, I suspect.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Thanks for the vibes.

I think anything that brings any attention not only to breast cancer but to how to prevent it and find it early is a good thing and that trumps stupid or inappropriate statements.

I don't have dogs either but just in case anyone was reading the blog that had a dog or two wanted to give some tipe. 4th of July was always worse for Katie than Halloween.


William J. said...


Maybe Dona will briefly check in.

Thank you for the prayers for both Marks and Doug they are both needed and appreciated.

I'm with you on the tee shirts, you said it better than I could.

I bet the kids loved Skeeter too! I do get a lot of trick or treaters but not many dressed up dogs.