Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kaye Update on Don

Since an update on Tarzan will require more than just a few words, thought I would do that from here (it’s unusually quiet here at work today).

Tarzan completed his 6 weeks of radiation treatments. They’ve decided to make him the poster boy as he tolerated these treatments very well. A little hair loss, but no “sun burn” affect an no other adverse side effects. This first photo is what he had to do M – F for those 6 weeks. Daily treatment took about 10 – 15 minutes. He would go in and tell ‘em to “lock & load”.

I can’t recall if I told you about the non-profit organization that provided Tarzan transportation. The company name is “Your Ride is Here.” It was started by a man (Ken Adams) here in Austin who had to undergo cancer treatment. He was able to drive himself to the treatments, but noticed how many others were dependent upon other forms of transportation, i.e, family, friends or public transportation of some sort. He said that he noticed the same people would be waiting for their bus ride that were there when he went in. So after his treatments, he arranged with a upscale auto dealer here and solicited enough volunteers so they could provide transportation for those who needed it to get to their cancer treatments. Since I work 25 miles from home, this was a HUGE help for us. Google “Your Ride is Here Austin TX” and you can see articles about him. This is one of the cars (Ken was often his driver, and often used his own cars. He loves sports cars) that took Tarzan to his treatments.

Tarzan is in week 2 of his 4 weeks of no more radiation & no chemo. The chemo treatment he has been on is 3 pills every day. They had him stop that after his last radiation treatment. Then in 2 more weeks, he goes for a new MRI. Depending on what they see will determine how much and how often they start the chemo pill again. Fortunately, Tarzan has tolerated the chemo well, too.

Since Tarzan’s first episode (November 7, 2011) when he had a seizure in the ER, he has been unable to drive. It’s a Texas law that once you have a seizure, you cannot drive for 6 months. When we visited the Neurologist in late May, he said Tarzan could drive again… BUT he is required to take a special driving test first. Tarzan’s appointment is set for 7/18.

Surprisingly enough, Tarzan found himself in a position where he HAD to drive. We were in Lowes shopping for an interior door with a window when I somehow caught my right little toe on the metal bracket that goes over the shopping cart wheel. I have NEVER seen as many stars as I saw at that moment. Then I started feeling nauseous. I really thought I had broken my toe. They wheeled me out to the car and Tarzan drove me home. After a few hours and the pain had not subsided much, so Tarzan took me to the ER. After a few X-rays, they determined that my toe wasn’t broken but I had pulled a tendon. So my right little toe was “buddy wrapped” for a couple of weeks. That’s my first ER visit for me since about 1980!

Tarzan is doing very well. He still has problems reading, though. He did get new glasses that have prisms in them (you can’t tell) that have helped. He sees everything normally, except words. Last Sunday we went to Barnes & Nobles and picked up The Nook. You can adjust the font size and line spacing and that helps… but it’s still an effort for him. This has improved a little since his surgery in March, but not enough or fast enough for him. At least he was able to read the restaurant menu the other night when we had dinner with family. All doctors feel this will continue to improve. I’ve been looking online for “eye exercises” to help his eyes focus while reading. Most sites I find are for kids with ADD (go figure). However, I’m thinking that some computer or iphone games might help as well. Tarzan just hasn’t been a game player…. Up to now J Personally, I don’t know what I would have done all those times in the hospital with Tarzan without games on my phone!

I’ve recently discovered Angry Birds. (It’s all my sister’s fault!) They are addicting! The guys here say it’s something that most guys like because it involves mental & and trajectory calculations. I showed it to Tarzan the other night, and he did laugh (each bird has a different purpose). I’ve found a site where one can play this online on the computer (bigger screen), so I’ll be checking on that this weekend. I figured if I put it on my PC, he can play there. If he doesn’t… I’ll have it LOL.

That’s about it. We’re waiting for the results from the next MRI later this month. Keep your fingers crossed for us on that.

Tell the group I miss them, but I do pop in to your blog about once a month or so. BTW: I haven’t lately, so I assume you’re still doing movie reviews? We went to see The Best Marigold Hotel last weekend and loved it! The entire audience was over 40…. We totally enjoyed it.


Lady DR said...

Kaye, how good to hear from you! What good news on Dave (where did the Tarzan come from, please?) I'm so glad to hear he's tolerated both the radiation and chemo well and will continue prayers for positive news from the MRI.

What a great story about Ken and his "valet service" for cancer patients to get to treatment.

I knew about the TX law on driving, but didn't realize it required a special driving test. I'll bet Tarzan is looking forward to getting behind the wheel again.

Bummer on the toe. I've broken several and hear you on seeing stars and feeling sick. I suspect a pulled tendon is at least as painful.

Holding good thoughts Tarzan's vision continues to improve. Good idea on the Nook. I picked up a Kindle Touch and find it easier to read than a lot of print books (although I'll never give those up).

We miss you. Thanks for taking the time to bring us up to date.
(Hugs) DanaRae

Pat said...

Hmmm... I may end up with beach property yet. If I live long enough, which is unlikely.

Darn! The Chinese Crested seems to always win the ugliest dog contest, and it's just not fair! We had cresteds, two of them... probably not purebreds, but still... They were lovely dogs. Mugly definitely needs a facial trim, I have to admit. Ours were prettier. Well, the female was. She was what they call a "powder puff" and had a long coat and a plumey tail.

Kaye, lots of good wishes for Tarzan's treatments. It's definitely difficult to go through, but it sounds as though he's doing well.

William J. said...


I will pass on your response to Kaye today as I will Pat's sentiments.