Thursday, June 14, 2012

Reality Checks

I survived Bullwinkles. I did discover that my miniature golf abilities have declined substantially. Nobody and I mean nobody used to beat me at miniature golf. Yesterday I finished last. I'm all for reality checks, I just wish they wouldn't come so fast these days. Speaking of declining due to age my mind apparently has also declined. All seven of us road the go karts. I couldn't figure out why my cart was going so darn slow. It took me two laps to figure out my foot was on the brake. Oh well, the kids have the story to tell about how they lapped their Uncle Bill on the go cart track. The kids did play Laser Tag and a lot of video games. They were going to play a second game of Laser tag but one of them got banned from the park for the day. We had a very nice dinner at The Red Robin. It was a really good night out for the guys. The women stayed home, chatted, talked about us, and took pictures. They had a nice time. And they took a picture of four generations together:

It is just Mom and I at home today. The troops went to the Oregon Coast. Mom just didn't feel up to making the trip. So I stayed behind to take care of Mom so the troops could enjoy the trip guilt free. I have a secret though. I didn't want to go to the Coast because the guys are going deep sea fishing in the Ocean today. They have to get up at like 3:30 in the morning to be on the dock by 4:30 AM. And I don't do real well on boats that sway from here to eternity. For Rob and his for boys it is a life long dream to go deep sea fishing. For my brother-in-law, Bob, it isn't really a dream to go deep sea fishing but he is being a good dad and granddad to fulfill his son's and his grandson's dreams. And Uncle Bill is getting points for staying home and taking care of grandma and for not doing something he didn't want to do anyhow! Works for me.

Just a couple of articles today. Some of my family are very Christian, some aren't religious at all, and some like me have strong faiths but don't browbeat others to believe the way he does. Just where do you think the most Christian states are?

Some of my family are quick thinkers and were at young ages.

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Pat said...

Congratulations! I knew you'd survive, but sent you a couple of spare vibes just in case. My miniature golf abilities have declined, also, so I sympathize there. Haven't tested myself on go-carts, but am probably worse than you. Good for you for making the right choice on the coastal trip.

Can't say I'm surprised by most of the most Christian states. Well, no, I take that back. As I mush through the list, I'm finding several surprising, the first being that Massachusetts topped Texas. The Mississippi one they chose to show is, well, remarkable. I love the building they showed for New York.

Kid heroes are always amazing. The one that took control of a school bus was especially so. I'm just glad it was going slowly enough that he didn't topple them all. Getting the keys out was super-smart of him. Baby Alana looks too young to know what a phone even is. All the kids are remarkable. As are their parents, to have them so prepared.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

The word from the coast is that each boy caught a Halibut within two hours. So they did good. But I enjoyed the day with mom!

I was also surprised that Mass topped Texas. And I was kind of surprised at Utah because many don't consider Mormans christians. The building in New York was awesome.

I am not so sure I could do as well as the kid heroes!