Monday, June 11, 2012

What Do You Know?

It was nice seeing my nephew Robin last night and meeting his family. Robin joined the Air Force after high school and has been stationed in parts unknown so I haven't seen him in twenty-five years or more. His wife Kelli is just about as nice as any woman can be. His kids are well mannered and respectful. Nice meeting.

What do you need to know about today?

I am going downhill as I only knew five on the list.

Speaking of things I didn't know, I didn't know people could come back from the dead:

One thing I am not sure of is whether or not I like speeding and red light cameras. On the one hand I think they make for safer intersections and on the other hand I think they invade my privacy. I also think they are mistakes and lawsuits waiting to happen:

Comment Away.


Pat said...

I'll join your downhill slide. I sort of knew of six things, but only three of them did I really know about. The other three I had sort of vaguely heard about somewhere.

Weird story about the boy sitting up in his casket. I remember hearing about the first time, the one in Argentina. That one had a happier outcome. And of course there's to be a lawsuit.

I'm not surprised the red light cameras are unreliable. In principle, I think they could be a good thing, but to be falsely identified would be horrible, so I can't say I'm sure.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

You did better than I did but I do think he list stories that don't get much play just to trick us.

It was a weird story about the boy sitting up in the casket. Always going to be a lawsuit in these cases.

The red light cameras can be beneficial if they are ran properly, the ones we have in Sherwood, Oregon weren't really put up for safety they would put up to raise money. A lot of cities don't give tickets on right hand turns Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles, for example. In Sherwood, Oregon 85% of their tickets are on right hand turns. Low risks for accidents. Not a safety issue her, a hidden tax.