Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tearing Down To Rebuild.

Looking forward to lunch with Mom today and then fixing dinner for the troops tonight. It was refreshing to have a me day yesterday. I did go to the movie PEOPLE LIKE US and it was a decent enough movie. Went pretty fast. Didn't go to sleep once during it.

I was kind of wondering what the people in Alaska are doing and lo and behold here is an article letting me know:

I think to stay young you have to have young people in your life and would I ever appreciate having the following young ones in my life:

I've learned that sometimes in life you have to tear down to rebuild:

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Pat said...

Amazing about that plane emerging from the glacier after so many years!

Well, that's one way to get a nice view, I guess. Wouldn't help me much to tear down my neighbors' houses, even if I could afford to buy them. And believe me, they are all worth a lot less than $4.2 million!

Lady DR said...

Glad you enjoyed your day off.

Interesting about the airplane "find" near Anchorage. Yes, a glacier pretty much controls anything it captures.

Kudos to the kids featured in the article and to other kids like them, about which we hear too little.

But a multi-million dollar home to level it and rebuild? Must be nice!

William J. said...

Hi Pat

How surpised they must have been to see the plan as the glacer went away.

The thing about tearing down the house is they blew it I think. It probably cost them a bit to tear it down. What they could of done is advertised the house for the price of moving it. At the most a million dollars to move. The the purchase could have had a vacant lot or purchased one. Let's say the vacant lot is also a mill. The buyers have a home for two million that is worth twice that and the seller instead of the expense of tearing it down has a million bucks. Stupid.


William J. said...


Looking forward to Monday and Tuesday too!

Glaciers are an intereting piece of nature. The things we could find if they all would melt.

See my note to Pat about the host, I think they blew a chance to make some money.

That is why I post so many kid hero stories. We need to hear about kids doing good things. Quit giving the bad kids and celebrae the good ones!


Lady DR said...

Oh, no, Bill, you do NOT want the glaciers to melt. Trust someone who lived a couple miles from Mendenhall Glacier!

William J. said...

Hi Dr

Well I wasn't going to be near it, I just wanted to know what else it was hiding!