Sunday, June 10, 2012


Sunday. A lot of relatives from Texas heading towards Portland today. They will be here a week or so. So sister and her husband can spend time with her daughter and his son and his family I have Mom mostly this week. Today it is lunch and dinner for Mom and an evening at sisters to meet everyone. Tomorrow lunch and dinner at Mom's. Or dinner at sister's. Tuesday lunch at Mom's and the afternoon and evening the guys are at Bullwinkles. That is a local amusement park. Wednesday and Thursday the troops go to the Oregon Coast so I am at Mom's Wednesday night and Thursday all day. Friday I am at a seminar. That last one until December. YEA!!. However, since the troops won't be home from the troops I will have to sneak out of the seminar and take Mom's lunch to her. Saturday I think everyone is leaving. Busy week.

Last week was a blur. Sunday night and Monday morning at Mom's. Tuesday housecleaning. Wednesday night and Thursday morning at Mom's. Friday the movie, The Best Marigold Hotel. Saturday lunch and dinner for Mom and the caregiver. The meeting with grade school friend Dave was cancelled due the health of his wife. She had a heart scare but is doing fine. We will meet after all the relatives leave.

Just an update on my niece Lisa. Her last official day as news anchor at Channel 11 in Dallas, Texas. She will be trying out for one of three position on the Fox Affiliate in Los Angeles. She will be on air early in July for about a week. She will be among three or four trying out. The audience will get to vote on which hostess or anchor they like the best. So Pat check her out in July and if you like her vote for her! I will provide more information as we get closer.

A couple of health updates. My cousin Lavelle is surviving but they found a third active cancer. Prayers and good vibes please. Mark is still having a hard time getting over the loss of his wife but he is doing fairly good health wise with his prostate cancer not active. He will be down to visit me on my birthday. DR has been missing from the blog because her Aunt passed away and she is on the road attending the memorial service.

An update on my Mom's lawsuit. Friend Ted has taken over and in less than two weeks pretty much has gotten Mom and my friend Bernice out of the suit. Damn good attorney, no?

Just one article to share. Amazing health surgery

Would love all of you to check in. Mary Z. Mary. Dona. Pat. Any and all are welcome to update me on their lives.

Comment Away.


Pat said...

You certainly do keep busy!

If Lisa goes to work for Fox, will she become a rabid right-winger? And omigod, do I have to watch Fox to vote for her? Yes, give me more information and I'll do my best, but can't promise anything, as Fox tends to raise my blood pressure.

Good wishes and vibes for Lavelle and for Mark, also. And let's hear it for your friend Ted getting your mom out of that icky lawsuit! Definitely a good friend and good attorney!

Some story about the boy's surgery. Well, surgeries. He sure had a time of it! I wish him well as he recovers, and that the growth hormones help.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I think the LA area is like here. There are two Fox Channels. The Fox News Channel which is all right handed nut cakes all the time. And then the Fox Channel that has the programming like So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol. The later has morning and evening news and is pretty centrist. That is the one Lisa will be trying out for.

I also hope the boy does well after the latest surgeries.

And Mark, Lavelle and Ted Thank you.


dona said...

Hello Bill, it certainly sounds like you will be very busy this week, but when aren't you? Sounds good to have relatives to visit, and glad for you on the LAST seminar for a while....but when will you nap?:)
Good luck to your niece. And prayers headed your way for your friend Dave's wife, Mark, Lavelle and DR(I wondered where she was)

Great on the lawsuit, if I remember it sounded like it was one heck of a mess to worry about.

We are hanging in there, the Shankster has had more things to worry about this year than I can remember to tell you about. He is doing well keeping the diabetes in check, has a couple of things he is treating now to hopefully fix, got cleared by the cardiologist after a scare, and is awaiting results on his back. We were looking at 2 surgeries and thank God he doesn't have to have either! So a bit of good news there, now we can breathe.....

I hope everyone else is well and keeping cool, its hot here!

William J. said...

Hi Dona

Really good news about The Shankster not having surgeries. YEA! Also good that he is doing good managing his diabetes. However, I am sorry you had to go through all the chit you have been through the last couple of years! You need some good luck for a while.

I never nap. Except sometimes when I am driving. Mark, Lavelle, DR, and Dave's wife all appreciate your thoughts!

And in I am glad to get out of the lawsuit.